Well, its been a busy week,  a busy month, and a busy year so far. At the office im crowded with work. At the university i started the semester with an assignment and a presentation. Next sundy im starting my practicum at KISR ( and thats another story for another post ). So pair with me if dont post much this semester.

What got my attention the past two weeks is the use of this blog as reference material for students presentations. I was really impressed and didn’t expect it at all. Started last week when Abdullah used this blog as an example for the use of blogs in the his presentation in Internet class. Then yesterday, Rgaya used a and old post in the blog about virus attacks. I was really surprised and didn’t expect it at all. On the other hand when Dr.Taghreed knew about the blog and how active is it she said on sentence that really made me think. She said “Lets see after graduation how active it will be”. And i guess she is right in that regard.

It was also cool to see  our old friend Batool again after one year. We really missed her. Welcome back and  congratulation on your new born “Kawthar” hope to see her like her mother.

Dr.Chaudhari gave us an assignment to create a discussion on BlackBoard for system analysis class. We found out that the students can do nothing but replay to post. All the moderations and creating of new threads is for the instructor only. So we had to send the questions to Dr. Chaudhari and he on his part posted the questions on the board. Now the discussion is active and more students are participating and commenting.

and that’s it for now. This me Signing out. Sionara.


5 thoughts on “Updates

  1. Salam Dear Mohammad… We are all proud of your blog and day by day you will find more people share knowledge with you in this Blog, don’t worry after your graduation which inshallah will be a succesful graduation as well as your blog will continue even if you are done with MLIS. You can develop your blog to be one of the KM tools after your graduation to be a place for people who graduated from KU in our major MLIS as well as new students who will have the new title (Information Management IM)major. The bright side that you plant a seed before three years and now it’s growning a big tree now, you noticed the fruits and will continue inshallah. Anyway Mohammd, regarding Dr. Chaudri’s class we just received an e-mail from him :”Dear Students: Aoun, Ahmad, Hawraa, Nedaa, Aminah, and Sheikha have good comments on the three questions posted. I am expecting from each member of the class to paticipative actively in the discussion”. So we will comment more inshallah in the discussion group so as you can come up(You and Abdullah) to the final report before Monday. Wishing you all the success.

    Bo U sef

  2. I did notice Ahmad, the problem is finding support form the students and the department. The department don’t even bother to send us their latest events or news. And im not talking about the blog only, but also on the personal level.

    Think about the blog when you and I graduate! now we try to benefit from it as much as we can and let others do also. But when there is no one to care and no one understand the importance of KM.

    قال انفورميشن مانجمنت قال !!!

    I just wish Dr.Samir was here !

  3. Well estath..
    This blog really deserves to be mentioned, that’s why we r taking it as a reference =)
    Good luck..


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