I bought a Mac, I sold a Mac

last month there was a great offer from Electro Ozan The latest Apple MacBook for only 339 KD. Which is really good price if you about Mac prices. To tell you the truth i couldn’t resist the offer and i went there and bought one. 10 day later i sold it loosing only 19 KD which was a bless for me.

Why i sold it ? will first i had no time at all to learn how to use a new operating system. And the Mac OS x was totally new experience for me. To do any thing you have to go to the Internet and google: How to do XXX in mac? which was time-consuming and frustrating at the same time. The second reason is that my brain and memory were at high-capacity and there was no free memory left to learn or store any thing new. The third reason, I didn’t find it appealing as windows. I know it’s a big fuss about how Mac is more secure and stable with much ease to deal with. But if you know how to secure your self and how to deal with windows then you are better with windows. And windows 7 now is much more stable and secure than other previous versions and i like it allot.

Two years a go I bought a Mac mini and sold it, didn’t like it. One year a go i installed Mac os on my Dell laptop, didn’t like it. And now im repeating the same mistake again. I think i was caught with in the hype of Iphone and Ipad and thought that MacBook will be similar.

So good-by mac and hello Windows 7 again.


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