Practicum at KISR

I have been attending my practicum the last five days at KISR, Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research. I go to work first then i leave to KISR from 9 to 12 at NESTIC ( National Scientific & Technical Information Centre ).So im now attending work ar three places, MOC, KUNIV, and KISR. Thats why im not posting that much in the blog because i cant find the time to do any thing.

All the guys working there are great. Layla, Taleb, Fathela, Fatma, Peter, and all the rest. Highly motivated, educated, fun, respectful, with high expectation of life. Just what you expect from a KISR employee.

I already finished 22 hours at TSD – Technical information Department where all the circulation, acquisition, cataloging. They call it the kitchen where all the coking is done. Tomorrow im going to start another 20 hours at ISD – information Services Department where the public relation and all information related services and subscriptions are done.

Wish me luck. Its not easy to finish your practicum while having to work at the office and attend classes and do assignments at the same time. I think Talal will also do his practicum soon and Abdulla will start next week at AUK. Good luck guys.


4 thoughts on “Practicum at KISR

  1. Wish you all the best Mohammed.. I know how difficult to manage 3 places at once and I think you have done a good choice by going to NSTIC where everything is made easier from those people you mentioned..

    You will see big differences between the TSD and the ISD, I liked TSD much more that ISD just because of the people and the assigned work..

    They are all fanatic people and I hope you will enjoy the rest of your hours there..

    All the luck for Talal and Abdullah in their next assignment..

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