Blackboard + iPhone = Learning on the Go

Community discussions. New assignments. Course content.
Study group updates. Even grades.

Updates from Blackboard courses and organizations are now all instantly accessible via the Apple iPhone or iPod touch mobile digital devices when and where learners need them.

The result?

  • A seamless learning environment
  • Extended to the places and devices learners prefer
  • Through a secure, centrally hosted service

Supporting Learners on the Go
It’s not news that educators are always looking for new ways to connect with their learners.  And survey after survey says that learners expect to be able to interact with everything on their mobile devices – whether they are Millennials, adult learners, or non-traditional students.  Now you can meet these expectations with Blackboard Learn for the Apple iPhone.

Blackboard Learn™ is your foundation for engaging and assessing today’s learners in and beyond the classroom.  So you can get them, help them achieve and keep them.  The only way to accomplish this is through an open platform.   And through our open architecture initiative, we provide clients with the flexibility and freedom to shape and extend the Blackboard Learn platform to meet the unique needs of their institutions, organizations, or schools.  Openness also means delivering access to learners via the locations and devices they prefer.


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