Finished Practicum

Yesterday was my last day at Kisr doing my practicum. And to tell you the truth when i got out of there I was much lighter person with much weight lifted of my shoulders. At the beginning it was interesting to see and practice in a new environment how Information is processed. but after a while when you find out that there is nothing new would be added to what you have learned in the master program, things start to get boring.

If you can finish your practicum in less than two weeks then do it. Longer that will be real boring. Although the guys there at NESTEC were really great and funny with high spirit and a very friendly environment.

Good luck all in your practicum. Welcome graduation with a smiling face.


4 thoughts on “Finished Practicum

  1. Do, you have noticed 🙂 they told me about it and i told them its OK. They were so imbarresed about the spelling mistake. And i was going to write about it but said to my self: lets see who would notice. ofcourse its you Bu yousef as a working member of KISR.

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