The Use of Information Resources by LIS Graduate Students in Kuwait

Title: The Use of Information Resources by LIS Graduate Students in Kuwait

Author(s): Dr. Samir N. Hamade, Mr. Saud Al-Yousef

Journal: Library Review, Year: 2010

Publisher: Emerald Group Publishing Limited

Purpose – The paper investigates the use of information resources in the research papers of the graduate students in Library and Information Science at Kuwait University

Design/methodology/approach – The methodology chosen for this paper is the bibliometric method by way of citation count of the references found in the literature review papers of LIS graduate students at Kuwait University by identifying the preferred form of publications, retrieval method, time span, subject distribution, and the most cited journals.

Findings – The study shows that the majority of students used journal articles, web pages, and books as the most preferred form of resources. Their preferred method of retrieval was the printed format. Time span of the most used citations is from 3 to 10 years. They mostly used traditional library journals such as Bulletin of MLA, Library Review, The Electronic Library, Library Management, and College and Research Libraries.

Research limitations/implications – The quantity and quality of citations were reviewed and approved by the student advisor, and the sample was drawn from a population of 74 papers based on availability of original papers.

Originality/value – The findings of this study provide important insights for the academic library administration to take appropriate measures to achieve a higher level of awareness and skill by the users.

Article Type: Research paper

2 thoughts on “The Use of Information Resources by LIS Graduate Students in Kuwait

  1. Hi guys. Very nice blog.
    Proud to say that I am the first student to have Dr. Samir Hamade as my advisor for my comprhensive exam.
    Please, send him my greetings. I hope he still remember me.

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