LISKW on Ipad

I promise you this is going to be the last post about Ipad. Its much smaller in hand. Not exactly what i expected. Its more like a large ipod.


3 thoughts on “LISKW on Ipad

  1. You must know its not a computer or laptop. Its a portable internet and media device. you can log to the internet and watch movies and read book + you can use all the iphone apps.

    No USB, no cd drive, no camera. so you are not going to ditch your old windows computer for the ipad. But if you are traveling, going to the coffee shop, going to shalehat al Khairan, you need something small, fast, thin, and long battery life that will last for 10 hours.

    + Its cheap, only 499USD = 145 KD. then why not!!!

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