For whom is this Poem؟ Solved.


د.حسين الانصاري

يا للي على الفنّه

اتريا واتمنى

تلعب فيك الهواجس

والاشواق دوم مستنّه

اشواق اترست البوم

واطفحت من خنّه

شتحاتي.. الخطر

والا غربة سفر

والا العمر وشباقي منّه

والا اللي تنطرك

على يال البحر

ومزينه كفوفها بالحنّه؟

For whom is this Poem and what’s the title of it, please cite the source in an APA style ???

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10 thoughts on “For whom is this Poem؟ Solved.

  1. Ok Mohammad and Saleh, I’ll present an IPAD for you if you solve those two questions: How many boats that are shown behind Dr. Hussain in the photo and who are the owners of those boats?? Very easy questions… by the way, you have till the end of this year to solve the questions.;)TYT

  2. No. there are 22 Boats and i know the owners. You just have find out I’m right or wrong. Where is my Ipad?

    Saleh ….. be careful, i could be dangerous for an Ipad. And Ahmad, you better be not joking.

  3. oh bo yousef it’s not fair 😦
    i want the book and the some PS3 games, i’m sure they’re cheaper than the Ipad 😉

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