The future of blog

Today class 546 with Dr.Taghreed was really interesting. We toke a big portion of class time to talk about the role of blogs and this blog in particular in the master program time line.

The idea of the blog came first as you know in Dr.Samir Hamadi class in 506. That was in 2007. i didn’t expect the blog to last or to be successful. maybe not that success which will make me rich with money but definitely rich in mind and soul. There were much participation at first from almost all the students of class 2007. The blog made it easy for us to share ideas, exams, solve problems, communicate, express feelings and thoughts. Then as we moved on, something happened that did effect all of us. The students started to keep off commenting in the blog, only few remained. Same count of visitors with less comments. Most of the students still visit the blog regularly and silently.

Last semester and this semester almost each week in some class the blog is mentioned as a strong tool that should be used in a more effective way to help the students. Many ideas were laid out. but the last initiative was made is that i hand out the torch of this blog to another fresh student who will continue the work that we all started here because i will be graduating in a couple of months.

I was thinking the same thought for a while. And i really like the idea and i want this blog to survive after we leave and serve other students that will come later. The new torch holder must be committed to keep the blog and keep on posting even if didn’t have the mode ‘Like i did!”. Also the support of the faculty and the staff of the department is required.

We are living in a blog era and we keep studying about the importance of blogs in the modern library and information society for a year now, then how about if you have a really well ready made blog with a good history and well established regular visitors? imagine how this could help new coming students and the department?


7 thoughts on “The future of blog

  1. Salam All

    I would like to express myself in this spectacular blog, which being brought from the hear of the lion 🙂

    1. I never felt that I would be deeply connected to our department without existence of such a tool, which is our LIS blog.

    2. Believe me the blog has made it much easier to bring your thoughts and what you feel about every thing in your journey to achieve the degree.

    3. I remember that I had a very difficult moments where sometimes I felt exhausted about something. The blog acted as the exit pathway converted bad and sad moments to peace of mind not just by posting but simply by reading things that is connected to you.

    4. It is a moments of hardwork, laugh, sharing, and respect.

    5. It is the big picture of the DLIS that most of us needed to look through it and solve certain puzzles.

    6. It is even the place for some faculty members to communicate and to be acquainted with their students in their journey here..

    The list might never stop, but I’m thankful to all of those who put together all efforts to make it happened.. plus, believe me Mohammed as a graduate student I need this blog much more than before, which you will feel after graduation..

    Regards to all of you..

  2. Dear Mohammad and all
    I was going to make it a surprise for you and our DLIS community, but since you are discussing the future of the blog, here is the plan:
    I will invite Mohammad as a guest speaker to 506/Information Technology course next semester to talk about the blog and find a new student who is familiar with blogs and willing to be Mohammad’s partner. The new student will act as a liaison between the new students and the allumni by supplying mohammad with all the news and activities of the Department and later start contributing directly to the blog.
    I don’t think you should worry about the future of this blog… as long as I am here the blog is in good hands

  3. Dr.Samir, ill be honored to talk in your class. It will be good to see you once more in the corridors of the collage and the class rooms, we really did miss you here.

    Regarding the blog, i know that you are the spiritual father of this blog and its in good hands. And i know you will never let it fall. And i promise you that i will not let you down.

    Saleh, you should comment more like before. You are now a graduate information specialist and have much to say and express, im sure of that. So get your gear and outfit and join us back or ill come to you at home and knock on your door. You should be a major contributor now.

  4. Salam Dear Colleagues

    The Bolg LISKW is one the best tools that really showed an effective knowledge Management tool in communicating with students, instructers and other users in the field of Library and Information Science at KU. The success of any blog depends on many items, the most important one is the personality of the founder of the blog and be sure Mohammad that your way in dealing with the blog and how you communicated with others even if there is a difference in views and opinions made the blog more powerful, in addition to the rich updated information in the field of IT and other subjects that reflected postively on the followers and I prefer the word partners rather than followers since partners share new ideas, the second thing is the simplicty of the langauge,third thing is the sense of humer among users of the blog made the blog more attractive to step by day be day, and there are fourth and fifth…. I will leave it to Dr. Samir to his 506 course next semester :), may be he will present new assignment (Advantages and Disadvantages of BLOGS) .Anyway Mohammad be sure that your Blog will continue since it is in Good hands with Dr. Samir and my greetings to him which we really miss him alot. Thank you Mohammad and keep going since you made a CHANGE, keep on posting and comment now and after graduation inshallah, you and your graduated colleages.

    Now back to our endless assignments

    Smiling is the Secret of Success 🙂

    Bo U sef

  5. Dear all

    Nice to know that the blog in safe and caring person such Dr. Samir and I envy you brother mohammed to present and be the guest in his class next semester..

    I promise you Mohammed wont let you down and will be back in the track of posting and contributing effectively, which is a must for LIS holder..


  6. Salaam estath..
    UmMm.. well, this journey should not ever stop.
    And I really want to help in order for this amazing blog to continue its glory.
    Every student, I guess, wants it to be available forever.
    If u have something in mind, just tell me..


  7. It will never stop with all your support. Thank you. You can help by commenting, Sending ideas, sending news related to the program, Libraries, information, talking and expressing about your experience in the program. You can do allot for the sake of the blog and fellow students.

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