MIM or MLIS That is the issue?

The latest information about our Master’s program is that the proposed curriculum for Master’s in Information Management MIM was frozen because four departments and colleges at KU objected to its approval due to some overlapping in course titles and contents. The College of Graduate Studies last year removed the current curriculum MLIS and posted the new one MIM and about 30 students applied for the MIM program. This year and as a result of freezing the new curriculum, the College of Graduate Studies removed the MIM from the website and posted the MLIS curriculum again.
What do you expect the next semester schedule to be? Until now nobody knows, even the Program Committee is not sure what schedule to post. Some faculty members want to post the schedule for the new curriculum MIM hoping that it will be re-approved before this coming summer, while others prefer to be safe and post the current curriculum MLIS after announcing postponement of the new MIM til the academic year 2011/2012
Students who will finish their program next year will be graduating with MLIS not MIM unless a miracle happens and the new program is re-approved then they will be graduating with MIM. Those who are graduating this year, it is MLIS for sure.
What a shame!

If I was an applicant and i applied for MIM, now you come and tell me what? Sorry we changed the title back to MLIS. its not fair. either i accept it and swallow it all or i waste on year of my life to wait and apply again for another program that i like and want. i want MIM and that’s what i applied for.


2 thoughts on “MIM or MLIS That is the issue?

  1. Yah what a shame..

    I think there are a couple of solutions to the matter!!!

    1. who already registered as MIM can study present LIS courses and then ask the department after the approval of MIM to equalize those courses..

    2. can wait officially till MIM approved (not recommended)

    3. or can ask the department to change to another program within Q8 university..

    otherwise, it will be difficult to deal with it if there are no options to be available from Q8 university to those students…

  2. What a tight spot they are in! How could a department that teaches Information be in this situation? We should be Information specialists and professionals in this field. But i guess as they say “Its not all about brains”

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