Management vs. Leadership

Many employees dream to be a manger in their work but do you know that you can be a leader even if you don’t have any position or a title. A leader looks for change by applying new ideas, they look for the heart of people, they like to have talented people and followers, they have clear vision and work hard no matter of constraints they face, they like to solve problems, defend on their staff, encourage and motivate them, staff always miss leaders when they are away, they rarely miss a manager, staff always repeat what the leader adviced them, leaders always look for the happiness of people and to be successful, leaders are not photogenic, managers often look for someone who can post their photoes in the first pages, managers always think how can they hold their chairs, leaders always look for knowledge sharing.Leadres listen more than talking, and when they talk they talk in wisdom. I wish when you reach to a position has a management title, try your best to be a leader. A leader can be remembered always in good.  LIFE and PEOPLE teach you how you can be a leader with Passion.

يقول الامام علي بن أبي طالب عليهم السلام : خالطوا الناس مخالطة لو عشتم حنوا اليكم ولو متم بكوا عليكم


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