This semester is our last semester “inshallah”, and one of the good things we are taking a course called Internet with Dr. Taghreed Alqudsi-Ghabra.  We have planning since we joined the LIS program to take this course.  Unfortunately and fortunately at the same time that we are taking this course in our last semester.  This course should be one of the foundation courses.  the program committee  (PS) should evaluate the courses in our program again, and they should change and rearrange courses according to their importance.  I also strongly believe that instructors are the ones who have impact on the success of courses.  Some instructors are really good in research, but they lack teaching skills, and some they are are weak in research, but strong in teaching.  In order to see the fruits of this program, we should have instructors who are good in both research and teaching.  Thanks to all instructors and students who are considered value added to this program, and special thanks to Dr. Taghreed Alqudsi-Ghabra who has the belief, values, skills and traits of a successful leader.  GoOd PeOplE aRe FeW!

* At first, I didn’t wanted to post anything these days, as you may know that we are really busy with assignments and projects.  However, I decided to post this because I rarely have seen Instructors who motivate us during this program.  They are few, and their names and contributions to us need to be mentioned all the time.