And the winner is..!

I never thought he was serious !

Five days a go, Ahmad posted Dr.Hussain poem and claimed that he is going to give a book as a reward to any one knows who is the author of the poem. Aisha answered with the right answer and he promised her a book. We started joking about it and Saleh said that he wanted an Ipad and I claimed the same. I never thought Ahmad was serious.

Yesterday, after Dr.Chaudhari class “System Analysis”. Aisha was there in the corridor getting out of another class and she started asking Abdullah and me about how we are and how is the mood. And here comes Ahmad stopping us as witnesses and presented the most precious book in the world to Aisha as her reward as he promised. He gave her a beautiful Quran. I was amazed and

Now that’s a man who really keeps his word, a man of promise. Even if its not a serious matter but i really like the gesture. Thank you Bu-Yousef.

P.S: Sorry that the photo is out of focus but every thing went fast and i had to take the photo quickly with my mobile.


8 thoughts on “And the winner is..!

  1. Thank you Mohammad for this nice post and really we are proud of your Blog. We will continue raising questions in the coming days and more gifts will come inshallah.
    I look fat in the photo, but the nice thing is the smile of our colleague Abdullah:)

    1. LOL bo yousef if you think you look fat then what am i suppose to say 🙂
      thank you for the most valuable gift i’ve ever had.
      next time i want the following PS3 games:
      – God of War 3
      – Dante’s Inferno
      – Final fantasy
      – Heavy Rain
      and many more 🙂

  2. I wish we can make a monthly contest, even if the gifts are simple and small. Just to get in the spirit of participating.

    Aisha, why do you think i hide behind the camera! I think the lens hate me.
    And regarding the PS3 games, if you raise a contest here and get more than five participants i promise you to give a way one of the games mentioned, but not God of War 🙂

  3. Thank you Sayed Saleh, I guess you and Mohammad didn’t get the right answer, it wasn’t 21 neither 22 boats shown in the photo, there were 23 boats since one is hiding behind Dr. Hussain :). Anyway Saleh and Mohammad try to come with some nice questions for the blog and we can provide IPads for the winners, no problem. You deserve more than words.

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