Learning Resources Management

I had the chance today to go to the Library Department of Ministry of Education which is located in AlZahra’a area, the reason for that to get some of the publications of this department since I am taking a course with Dr. Taghreed LIS534 ( Management of Learning Resources) and by coincidence, I met with our graduate colleague Mrs. Sakeena (Om Abbas) who graduated last semester, she was very helpful in providing me with all the publications that I need with the help of Mr. Ahmad AlMajdi, the manager of the Research department. Mrs. Sakeena sent her greetings for all our colleagues in the MLIS and wished them all the success. The Library Department with their administrator Mr. Eid Shlash gave many information for our group in the course to cover the requirements of the assignements of the course. I have to say that there is a big change in the new look of the school libraries in Kuwait and many of the libraries are provided with new technology such as Internet and other resources such as data shows and computers in the sake of helping students in all levels from Kindergraten to High school. Thank you Mrs. Sakeena for your co-operation and we are really proud of you as one of the best educated, respectful students in our MLIS. We look forward to share your knowledge with our students in the field of School Library Management  in Kuwait and I am sure there will be a big change  and a developed policy in having the best school libraries in the region since there are very specialized human resources in the field of LIS and they have the vision to improve the performance of our school libraries.


3 thoughts on “Learning Resources Management

  1. Salam Aliukom
    It was a pleasure to meet you Bo Yousef. To tell you the truth, I am new in the department and this is my third week in Libraries Administration. Therefore, I will not be able to explain and give you more details about our job there. What I can say is that, I am working in research department and still do not have clear idea about the rules and regulation there. What I knew is that, in this department we have to conduct research about all new aspects that facing library and information science field especially that related to school and public libraries. In addition to the annual book which contains statistical information regarding Ministry of education schools, school libraries, librarians, collections, etc.
    I would like to express my deepest thanks to Dr. Taghreed. She is really great teacher and did a lot of us by supporting and encouraging us to continue the program. Although I was not able to take more classes with her, I concern myself lucky to take a class with here and it was foundation class.
    Again, thank you Bo Yousef for the post and I am so happy to see one of our respectful colleagues. I will be more than happy to help anyone of you. Please send my salam and regards to all.

  2. Um Abbas, its really good to see you here in the blog again as you are one of the pioneers in this blog. If i know that it would take a Master graduate student to visit you in the office to let you come back to us and comment in the blog again I would have visited you long a go.

    We miss you here and we miss all the students of class 2007. Such a nice group and friends. I cant believe its already the end of the third year. Life goes on.

  3. Good luck bo yousef, but I have one question.. is the picture represent the real place you visited??? coz I doubt that 🙂

    and Om Abbas, what I nice appearance again in the blog.. you have been a great sister to all of us and we all wish you the best in your new place and hope to read your research soon..

    keep visiting us coz we want learn more from you and others..


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