She was a Librarian

Do you know that Laura Bush has a Master Degree in Library and Information Science. She employed as a librarian. The reason for this post is not about Mrs. Bush. It’s about you.Yes, you should be proud of your major study as an information specialist where you can have skills in searching, skills in mamangement, skills in IT, practices in Knowledge management, systems analysis and design, databases study, Scientific research techniques and other fields that goes under your major in LIS. You can use the suitable hat that you like. You can give and serve more by choosing what really interested you in this master degree.

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2 thoughts on “She was a Librarian

  1. mamangement = managing management 🙂
    sorry for the spelling mistake but may be there is a meaning in the word mamangement, does it mean ma management is Mohamad Albahrani Management 🙂

  2. I don’t know how to respond to this post. I dont know really the lady, but i don’t like her husband at all. So should i be proud or not that’s what confuses me now.

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