SLA/AGC Special Activity

The SLA/AGC special activity in collaboration with Department of Library and Information Science, Kuwait University

Announce a new short course in

Using Library 2.0 Applications For Improved Information Operations & Services

From May 25 – 27, 2010

Seats are limited to 30 registers So, Harry Up and apply for it !!


For Online Registration, please follow the link below


For More information about the course please visit the SLA/AGC website to download the Course Flyer and PDF file.


Update: Short course will be conducted by Professor Sajjad ur Rehamn and Dr. Abdus Sattar Chaudhry


10 thoughts on “SLA/AGC Special Activity

    1. Sorry, my mistake. Where did i read free? where did that come from? I downloaded the pdf file and i was shoked to read the registration fees:

      For SLA/AGC members: registration fee shall be KD 75.000 or US$ 300.00
      For non- members: KD 100.000 or US$ 400.00

      Are they serious?. 100 KD just to talk about blogs, facebook, and rss?

  1. Lol nothing is for free bro. shake your pocket 🙂

    well, its a good short course that provide you with the latest information about web 2.0, I hope that people go and register for it. it is beneficial at the end.

    and you should know Mohammed the prices have been reconsidered, they were higher than you see.. and you are encouraged to become an active SLA member for your own benefits..

  2. Update: Short course will be conducted by Professor Sajjad ur Rehamn and Dr. Abdus Sattar Chaudhry
    Now I get it. Are These two experts in Web.2?? or trying to make some money on the side????

  3. MR. Saleh. You have to read before you respond. I asked if they are experts in WEB2 not in the field of LIS. They don’t even have an account in Facebook.

  4. Thank you but I am reading very well.. I think you should consider Web 2.0 as a very tiny entity of the field LIS..

    When I say they are expert in the field, it means “Web 2.0” is part of it..

    The other thing is that no need to have a Facebook account to be expert in conducting such course title for participants.


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