Home made marathon class

Today we had the longest class ever, the longest class in the master program, the longest in my life. For Dr.Taghreed Internet class we had arranged a gathering to present our presentations all together at the same time. The class started 10 am and finished at 5 pm. Seven straight hours with 11 presentations from 11 great students. The presentations illustrated information about the status of the internet in the Arabic countries.

Dr.Taghreed was kind enough to bring some home-made delights with a special mix of Zaatar that was so delicious. Other students brought home-made coffee, others brought home-made Basboosa, while some brought home-made brownies. All over all the atmosphere of the class was sweet with a flavor of home-made presentations 🙂

But, the best part was the drinks in this class. The kind of juices introduced and fresh water was out of this world. The the cola cans were so sweet that you can’t resist it.

The time past fast, our back aches feels satisfied, and back home to get ready for next presentation next Wednesday.

Good work all and good luck in next presentation


12 thoughts on “Home made marathon class

  1. Yes Mohammad, it was long day, useful information and tasty snacks & sweets. The good thing about our presentations that talents were observed among our colleagues as well as applying the sharing knowledge that were shown in preparing all the areas that covered the outlines of the subjects so as to be more comprehensive and attractive.

    Good luck in your coming presentation on Wed., but tell Dr. Taghreed: We can’t present unless there is Home made (Zaatar) زعتر 🙂

    last but not least we wish the good health for our colleague Hassani (Get well inshallah).

    Bo u sef

  2. yeah difinetly..
    It was an amazing ,ummm let’s say, adventure we had this day..

    Useful information..
    Delicious dishes..
    Caring professor..
    And kind, lovely, wonderful and Unforgettable individuals =)

    U r really nice guys.


  3. Thank you guys for the nice note. Your spirit and work made it worthwhile. Good luck to all of you, especially the graduating class.

  4. Thank you all, Thank you Dr, Taghreed and all our colleagues for this great class, although it was a 7 hours class but we enjoyed it, a lot of useful information and great snacks, sweet and juices.

    Thank you all and good luck

  5. I really like informal gathering. Everything was perfect. The presentations, the dishes, and the atmosphere.
    Mohammad, you will not forget this day. I still remember Dr. Sameer, from the beginning of our program, in the first day of our meeting. He brought drinks and food as well. He continued to do this for all the events. I also still remember, and I will not forgot the day when Dr. Laila invited us in Leonotre cafe when we finished our class. We submitted our final reports in the same gathering. I will also remember this day with Dr. Taghreed.

    “Good teaching is Personal”

    Thanks all for everything … 🙂

    ** Kindly read the post which I posted last December “What makes a good teacher”


  6. Most people think that teaching and education process is only about sending and receiving information. Dictating is not the perfect method here.

    The most effective way of teaching and educating is when you can make the students listen to you with open ears, open mind, open hearts. Its not all about exams and grades. Some time students learn by sharing with each other and by seeing the teacher react to the students, and care.

  7. what a day it was, really unforgettable.
    Thank you Dr. Taghreed for everything & thanks dear 546 class, you were all great.

    I liked this post’s title 🙂

  8. It was really a marathon class we’ll all remember

    liked the title and great pic 😉

    Thank you all w ya3tekom el3afya

  9. Wow nice foooooooooood heheheh 🙂 and great gathering.. misses those days..

    by the way I talked to Dr. Tagreed and she promised me to make a new home-made Za3tar plate for myself only so anyone wish to try it again come to my office 🙂 lol

  10. Saleh, that’s not fair and im going to talk to dear Dr,Taghreed about it. We worked hard for these home-made Za3tar’s. To earn them you have to come to our class and prepare your presentation.

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