Today we had the longest class ever, the longest class in the master program, the longest in my life. For Dr.Taghreed Internet class we had arranged a gathering to present our presentations all together at the same time. The class started 10 am and finished at 5 pm. Seven straight hours with 11 presentations from 11 great students. The presentations illustrated information about the status of the internet in the Arabic countries.

Dr.Taghreed was kind enough to bring some home-made delights with a special mix of Zaatar that was so delicious. Other students brought home-made coffee, others brought home-made Basboosa, while some brought home-made brownies. All over all the atmosphere of the class was sweet with a flavor of home-made presentations 🙂

But, the best part was the drinks in this class. The kind of juices introduced and fresh water was out of this world. The the cola cans were so sweet that you can’t resist it.

The time past fast, our back aches feels satisfied, and back home to get ready for next presentation next Wednesday.

Good work all and good luck in next presentation