Life in Five Small Balls

From 4thringroad


5 thoughts on “Life in Five Small Balls

  1. Mr. Bahrani, I totally agree with you. I always say to myself I need to give more time to my family, health friends and spirit, but I’m facing so many difficulties, you know why? because I’m a workaholic. That’s the issue. These days, I’m focusing on my health, later I will focus on my family, and friends after our graduation soon “inshallah”.

    Mr. Bahrani, I really like this post 🙂


  2. Very nice post. We must give it a thought especially at this time of our lives where we are graduating and trying to decide what to do with the rest of our life.

  3. Talal, I always tell you to becareful about your health. Your pressure your self allot.

    Rgaya and Jumana, I think the work that we did in this semester equals all the past semesters. Dont you agree. And today was the crown of all work as we going to make a fourth presentation. hurray !!!

  4. I agree that taking care of yourself first to make others much happier is important. Islam has brought up those words long time ago, and they proved they efficiency.

    I wish you Talal a better healthy life and wish all others happiness in life..

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