Librarian Wanted


5 thoughts on “Librarian Wanted

  1. Work hours are from 2 -9 pm. So in the morning the kids are in school. They come home at 2, and before that I have to be leaving for work. I come back at 9,30 and the kids would be sleeping. So I would have to see my kids only at the weekends.

    Actually, I don’t know if that’s a good or bad thing to do 😉

  2. مع احترامنا لجميع الوظائف .. ألا كان من الأجدر أن يكون الإعلان لوظيفة أمين المكتبة أعلانا منفردا ولا يكون مع مفتش أغذية ومساعد منسق ضيافة

    Man….. I like MLIS

  3. yah you right Mohammed its difficult manageable in the same time.

    Bo yousef, don’t bother yourself, no one will listen 🙂

    Abdullah, you are right I asked them and they said “candidates without LIS Bsc degree are eliminated”.. what the !!! come on then why we tortured ourselves for 3 years if we cant apply for a positions supposed to be for us.. ya3ni can’t apply for TA or can’t have Phd and even being a librarian.. I think we should pack our degree and.. you know the rest 🙂

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