Mr.ALi Dashti is releasing his new book in English soon in Amazon. If you remember there was an article about Mr Ali’s story in getting a PhD. Now its time to see this story published in English and you will be able to buy it soon in Amazon.

The book is titled “How 0.01 Precentage could change your life.” By Ali Dashti. Holding ISBN 978-1449927868. The subject of this book i think will touch all of us graduate students, specially the ones graduating this summer. As we see no future and hope for getting our PhD scholarships, this book come as a reminder of what the human being is capable of.

“Sixteen years of suffering to get my PhD, but i never gave up my dream… how did a 0.01 changed my life and prevented me from achieving my goal for several years… The bottom line is: If I Can Do IT You Can Do It” Ali Dashti