Reminder: Registeration for next semester 2010/2011

Dear Students of MLIS not you Mohammad

Early Registeration for MLIS students will start Thursady 20th May 2010 from 10 AM to 12 Noon, so talk with your program manager, talk with your advisor, talk with your colleagues, talk with your instructers and talk with your self then choose the best courses for you..

Courses available

1330-502 Org of Rec. Knowledge  credits


 Wed. 4-:00-6:50 111 Abdus Sattar Chaudhry 12
1330- 507 Research Methods in lib & Info Sc. 3 Wed. 4-:00-6:50 117 Sajjad ur Rehman 12
1330-523 Information resources and services in business 3` Mon. 4-:00-6:50 116 A. Sattar Chaudhry 15
1330-542 Automation in library and information organizations 3 Wed. 4-:00-6:50 116 Sameer Hamade 15
1330-547 Digital Library 3 Tues. 4-:00-6:50 111  Sultan Al-Daihani 15
1330-541 Knowledge Management 3 Tues. 4-00-


117 Dr. Laila Marouf  
1330-592 Research in Library and Information Science 3          
1330-593 Independent Study 3          
1330-596 Practicum            

We wish you all the best and success in your courses…


P.S.: When you want to check the courses list, go to the portal after you insert your ID. useranme and passward, then click (Registeration) then ( Add/ remove) then type 1330 , so the list of courses will be shown to you, avaialble for next semester.

This post is not for you Mohammad, we just need your best wishes and we really wish you and all your colleagues who will graduate this semester inshallah all the best and success.

Good Luck to you All


5 thoughts on “Reminder: Registeration for next semester 2010/2011

  1. Thank you Bo Yousef. I really appreciate it. انا ادري اني مقصر

    I’m graduating this semester, that doesn’t mean that i should not inform the current students of next semester schedule and timing.

    But i guess that’s why there are such good friends like you Ahmad. God Bliss you.

    And good luck everyone.

  2. You are the GodFather of this wonderful Blog Mohammad and we will never forget you as one of the best colleagues in our MLIS.
    Wish you all the best.

  3. Wish all the guys who still on going the best and wish the others happy graduation..

    P.S: Ahmed I felt I wanted to register again heheheh 🙂 but you know we should forget about it and continue our life journey..

  4. Dear Sayed Saleh…

    Days are running very fast,,,,,,We want to see you Dr. Saleh inshallah and you desreve it. I’ll wait till you get the PHD inshallah then you call me to study with you in your lecture but promise me to give me “A” 🙂

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