Talal, Get well Soon

Dear Talal,

I write to you today to congratulate you on the success of the small surgery you had yesterday. The bad is over. I know that you had been suffering much pressure this semester, actually you were in pressure for the past three years. Either from work, form the master program, or your health.

Now that we coming to the end of the master program. And we hope that your health problems will be over soon and you get better. Now its time to get back to taking good care of your self and health.

Hoping to see you next class with no pipes or electric cables attached to you 🙂

Take care my friend and be well.


10 thoughts on “Talal, Get well Soon

  1. Dear Mr. Bahrani,

    Thanks for this post. “7amdolellah” I’m back home safely. It was a small surgery, and it went so fast. As you already know that I suppose to do this surgery as soon as possible, but I postponed it and thanks God I’m done with it, and hopefully we will be done with our master degree soon.

    Best regards,

  2. ALf 7emdellah 3al esallamah ya al’3aly..

    Its really bad to hear such news tardily, I wish I knew before doing the surgery at least to wish you all luck brother..

    Anyway, since its finished we are all happy for you Talal and wish you better health and have the rest power to complete your degree.

    Take care and hope see shortly

  3. Ma etshoof shar ya Bo Naser

    We really wish you all the good health and the successful graduation inshallah.

    عليكم بالصدقات فانها تدفع البلاء

    ويبيلها كيكة حق سلامتك وان شاءالله الأربعاء الموعد

  4. MashkoooOoor ya elsayyed o MashkOOor ya bu-U-sef 3ala elso’al … Thanks God, I’m well, and I’m taking my medication. Hopefully within a week, I will be just fine.

    You want a cake!? I will bring even if I didn’t have any surgery
    “انتا تامر يابو يوسف”

  5. Dear Talal,

    Al hamdolillah ala el salama wa ajer wa afeya inshlla. I wish the best for you in health and study… and inshlla we will see you after 3 years from now with PHD, so we will call you Dr. Talal 🙂

    Good luck my brother

  6. Mashkor Bu-a7mad o Mashkora Jumana o Zainab o bu U sef 3ala elmawale7 o el7elo .. inshallah ya rab allah ewafegkom dayem o ya36ekom el9e77a o el3afya o ye6r7 fe awladkom elbaraka inshalah. Thanks a lot, I really appreciate it.

    Elshar mayyekom all 🙂

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