After today presentation. this is what i feel now. enjoy and have fun all.


5 thoughts on “Meyaw

  1. LOL
    Miyao, Miyaooo, Miyoooooooooooooooooo
    that was so funny i had to go to Youtube and indulge in cats & kittens videos 🙂
    how’s everybody doing?? good luck on your exams.
    See ya all

  2. Would you believe it Aisha if I told you that me and Ahmad have been exchanging emails about this post! Even text messages.

    Would you believe me if i told you that I have been meyaoing for two days now in my head and in the house. Even my kids are not speaking cat language !

  3. By the way,,,,, My Lunch today is Fish and shrimps

    Basna Meyaowoooohhhhhoohhhhh77777e7e7e7

    غصيت بشوكة سمجة

    شيل هالبوست يا محمد ترى ما راح نخلص

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