MLIS class of 2010

The new class of 2010 students name has been published today in the news paper. We congratulate them and wish them all the luck.

What i dont understand is the program title. Library Science and Information Technology ! What happened to MIM and LIS?

برنامج علوم المكتبات ونظم المعلومات

< دلال امجد الناصري
< سميرة حجي الشطي
< ايلاف عبدالرزاق محمد العوضي
< انفال محمد بطي الحربي
< سحر عبدالعزيز سعود المرعضي
< محمد عوض الرشيدي
< عائشة ناصر علي بن رجب
< مريم حسين علي حسين العطيه
< انوار عبدالله منصور الهاجري
< احمد عارف قاسم ابل
< شريفة عبدالله علي حسين
< محمد نابي شايع فهد
< حصة حسن علي حسن الهنيدي
< اسرار علي فاضل محمد العنزي
< هبة طلال جعفر عبدو
< نقوة متعب جمعان الخرينج الرشيدي
< منيرة يحيى سليمان عبدالله العقيلي
< منى عبدالمحسن صالح الضبيب
< بشائر عبدالرحمن محمد احمد كندري
< دانة خالد صالح الحشاش
< منى عبداللطيف سيد هاشم محمد
< مريم سليمان فهد محمد بوزبر
< ريم هادي عيد هادي الحربي
< عبدالعزيز سعد مبارك المطيري
< سارة محمد جواد صادق
< مها محمد موسى محمد القعيط العجمي
< شهد ناجم محمد عبدالله محمد الناجم
< محمود احمد حاجي علي لاري
< أميرة عبدالصمد محمد صادق
< نور هاني محمد القلاف
< ريم مرضي عوض الخالدي
< معصومة علي خسروي



6 thoughts on “MLIS class of 2010

  1. As usual…Men are fifth the total number of new master degree students…… We wish all of them Good luck in their study….. and I guess Mohammad you should choose one of those new students to supervise on your Blog LISKW to hold the torch..

    Mabrook Dear New students 2010/2011…
    Welcome to the world of Library and Informations Science (LIS)
    Enjoy it but with work and work hard from the first day of study…..and this advice is for me also 🙂

  2. Ahmad: we are always minority and we should be claiming for our rights to be treated equals 🙂

    Second, after i graduate i will keep on blogging here with your help and the help of our friends and the faculty and the new students. We are all owners of this blog. The torch will be passed on.


  3. Well, Mohammed I’m not sure if its really a new name for the program or its type mistake..

    I was chitchatting the other day with Dr.chuadhry in regard to this matter. I told him come on dr. we all were waiting for MIM and now were’re seeing LSIT?? he said we have no information in regard to the new title, but I can asure you that MIM will see the lights very soon..

    So I think there are hidden hands behind this game of instability.

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