Interview with Dr.Taghreed Alqudsi

This interview is made for Kuwait TV, “”هي واخواتها show. Dr. Tghreed was an exceptional guest for more than one hour.

Talal spoke to me about this interview previously. He caught only a brief look by coincidence. I tried to search for over the net but couldn’t find any thing. Now lucky me as I am attending Dr.Taghreed class and I am  such a good student i asked her if she had a copy of that interview. And in last class she brought her copy of the interview.

Its an interesting interview with much information related to our discipline.

So here we are after uploading the interview to uncle YouTube.

Part 1Part 2Part 3Part 4Part 5 Part 6 Part 7


2 thoughts on “Interview with Dr.Taghreed Alqudsi

  1. Thank you Mohammad for providing this great and interesting interview

    Also thank you Dr. Alqudsi for all information in this interview, it was very useful for me, I appreciate it

    Good luck

  2. I really enjooooyed watching it..
    & am still watching it in youtube over & over again =”)
    I felt like am sitting with her in class listening to her beautiful stories as always.
    She is so natural, so humble and really unforgetable =”)

    God bless u Dr. Taghreed.

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