Thursday,  27th of May 2010 exactly at 2:45 the special activity conducted by the Special Libraries Association/Arabian gulf Chapter in collaboration with Kuwait University has closed its sessions with a successful and friendly environment for all its participants.

The short course has being brought by two wonderful teachers, Prof.Sajjad & Dr. Chuadhary who were more than generously to make the whole course experience becomes unforgettable to all its registers. The course has tendered important information on the various web 2.0 applications and the importance of integrations of those tools to libraries to bring and attract more users to its different services they provide. Moreover, they have introduce us to the different implications that might face librarians and staff in taking such move and how to overcome them. In addition, practicing practically in these tools such as “LibraryThing” was fun and in the same time a new application that was beneficial to know.

On the other hand, what made this course more special is that the participants who came from different experiences such as – Kuwait University, The American University, PAAET, Ministry of Interior, Private Sector, Ministry of Education , Kuwait Fund, and others – had to be part of it. Two great colleagues ( Asma Al-Kanan & Fadhel Husain ) who presented two professional presentations made the environment much different and exciting. Thank you both

Last, I personaly enjoyed it and learned new things in the field, plus I was more happy to see my friends again such as Sakeena, Fadhel, Lila, Taleb, Tahani, Dr. Nujood, Dr. Elham, Huda, in one class.  For the others, I was so honored to know them, specially people I knew their names but never had the chance to see them till now..

The contribution was successful from all members, wish you all luck and hope to see you again in other professional gathers.

Here are some photos from my HTC Hero, which are not professionally taken. I hope Fadhel post some pictures he took at the end of the course with his humble digital camera.. 🙂

Group Photo from Behind

I like your artist hat Fadhel 🙂

Dean Prof. Asiry opening the short course

Head Department Dr. Al Qallaf speech

Instructor Prof. Sajjad

Instructor Dr. Chaudhary