Department of Library & Information Science at Kuwait University – Website

This is the new interface for the recent new website for our department which is under the College of Social Sciences.  You are asked to explore the site and evaluate it using the criteria which you are using for our final exam.  You are going to find lots of things!

The good thing about our class LIS564-Internet Basic for Information Professionals with Dr. Taghreed Alqudsi-ghabra is that we have been exposed to hundred of sites, evaluating them during the whole semester.  Now, within few seconds, we can tell wether a given site is an excellent one or a poor one!

My suggestion is that faculty of our department in cooperation with our students should take care of the DLIS website.  We are learning a lot, and there are many applications we can implement and can improve our site.  We are Information Specialists graduating from a Department which focus on information and knowledge.  We should be the role model for all the sites in our college and university.  There are many educational and training courses are given by our faculty, training students and current employees about Web 2.0! let’s benefit from those who teach it.   Before I end this post, I want to say that there are important information that need to be in the site such as the program and the curriculum, the faculty of the department and their background and their contact information, details regarding current students and alumni … etc.  There are plenty of things we can do to improve our site, and make it alive.  Let students who graduated or are going to graduate soon to interact with the faculty and the current students through our site ….  We have so many excellent students we can relay on for improving our site.  We have to believe in our students.

Salute to you all …

Best regards,

Talal Nasser Albannai

P.S.  link to the current site!


One thought on “Department of Library & Information Science at Kuwait University – Website

  1. It’s a matter of attitude. We believed at first. Then we were hit with reality. We made high expectation for others then were faced by the nature of people. And I thing it’s a matter of generation deferances.

    I don’t think what you hope for is going to happen any time soon with the current situation. The move needs a boldozer to take out old and frozen mountains out of the picture and a new type of thinking with fresh mentality must start from scratch.

    We live in an era of fast changing techs and trends that old idols can’t keep up with. The problem is that the idles still think they are worshiped and peek at us from above.

    Wake up old tycoons. Nothing last forever and this is not your era. Sooner or later, change is coming. Maybe not by us, but for sure from others and fast running world like crazy that even young people are suffering to keep up with.

    Good luck DMLIS

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