Math Question: Impossible

If  …





Then …


My question is:
If you have 12 sites plus 2 Arabic and you must present only 6 of these sites in 20 minutes pluse 10 minutes for discusion. Not forgetting to make slides for the total number of slides.  What is the total time needed for presentation and is it posible? And what is the real recquierd number of sites?
Math Question: Impossible

6 thoughts on “Math Question: Impossible

  1. I will answer this tricky question after our presentations on Wednesday the 2nd of June. Wishing you all the best 🙂

  2. Everything is possible, 20 min./6 sites=3.33 minutues per site and it is said that we talk 100 to 125 words in one minutue so 3.33 min. times 100 words/min. = 333 words/site so the total words of your presentation is 333 times 6 sites = 1998 words in 20 minutes and if you reached to 2000 words then you will hear the Bell. It is possible but can we present as we like to present!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Forget the number of words, we have to choose the best words,,,……
    6 sites that means 2+4???
    Grade 30 points: How many points on time?? and if I cover only 6 sites that means full 30 and if miss one site that means minus 5.
    Ya 3ammmmmyyyyyyyyyy Forget the AAAAAAAAAA

  4. Think of it as a chalange. To talk as fast as you can and try to keep your finger on the spacebar and try to click as Fast as you can. Now when you hear your finger bones click or your jaws ticking, don’t be alarmed, this is not the sound of the bill, it’s only your bones.

    Now to solve this try to blog your ears so you won’t hear the bill and keep on talking until someone hit you with a pen.

    Nice video by the way, remind me of old high school documentries over the old black square recorders at school. Can we use those in our presentations?

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