It has been three years since we joined this program.  A lot of things happened to us, some were okay!, but overall the knowledge and experience we have gained were more than excellent.  You know why?  because of YOU!.  You have taught me so many things during this program (faculty and students). 

          The majority of faculty members were their to guide us to our future, and to support us (we will NOT forget you, you will be in our hearts, and we will remember you always).  Some unfortunately don’t care about us and our future (they are FEW, and they know them selves!, they will be a dot in our hearts (colorful) that need to be erased sooner or later).  Faculty are their to raise the educational standards of master students.  Students are also there to learn from them, and continue their journey.  How much you have invested in your students will have a great impact on students future.

          I met dozens of talented students.  They were amazing in their projects, and presentations.  Their communication and teamwork skills were excellent.  I will be proud of them all.  There is nothing I want to say more than what I said.  Yesterday, Wednesday 2nd of June, 2010, was my last class, last final exam, last presentation in this program, and I was the last person to give a presentation about websites evaluation with Dr. Taghreed Alqudsi-ghabra (I will not forget this class, my teacher, coach, and my wonderful colleagues). My topic was about transportation and travel, which came at the right time.  Now, it is time to relax, spend few days off with my family, and then start my future. 


Best wishes,

Talal Nasser Albannai

*  This video clip is dedicated to all those who will graduate this semester, and for those who will graduate later.  

“I failed in some subjects in exam, but my friend passed in all. Now he is an engineer in Microsoft and I am the owner of Microsoft!”