Marathon Class #2

Today we had our second long marathon class with 12 presentations by 12 beautiful students in Internet basic for professionals class with Dr.taghreed Alqodsi. The class lasted for 6hours from 3 to 9 pm at the meeting room in the department. And it was worth it all the way.

I can’t describe my feelings today since I arrived to campos early thinking that this will be my last class in the master program. A feeling mixed with joy and sadness. I have such good memories from past three years and it’s difficult to let go, but I guess we have to move on.

Thank you all for being such partners and team members.

Dr.Taghreed, your such a nice person and I’m happy to be in your class. Although you really made me work hard in your class but i know it’s for my own good. After doing five presentations I can really say that I did improve allot in my skills. At least I hope so. Bliss you and your family.

Abdullah, Ahmad, Batool, Esra, Hamdani, Hawwa, Jumana, Manal, Rgaya, Talal, and Zainab.
Thank you all for being there and for being great friends and partners. You all made this semester special. I hope to see again once on the TV or news papers holding your PhD in one hand and success in the other. May life treat you well.
Your Brother,
Mohammad Ali Al.Bahrani

7 thoughts on “Marathon Class #2

  1. Thanks Mr. Bahrani, for this post. Since this was my last project, I will add a post about it now.

    Thank you all …

  2. Dear students of the internet class.
    The spirit of collaboration& collegiality that you all have displayed is unprecedented. Its true we had a large class, 12 graduate students is too many for such a specialized class which forced us to have two very long “marathon classes” as you named them, yet you all were cooperative, courteous and positive.
    I do think you all have portrayed a beautiful picture of what and how collaboration can maximize productivity, and how it can transcend barriers of gender, age, generation, capabilities and culture. I wish our parliament members who call for segregating education can have a glimpse of the respect and professionalism you all have displayed. God bless you all, congratulations to the graduating class, well deserved. You have displayed a good example to the few new students. I will miss you all.

  3. The educational traingle in our course (Instructor,students and the curriculum) was successful.

    Thank you all

  4. Teaching is like invisible web “In teaching you cannot see the fruit of a day’s work. It is invisible and remains so, maybe for twenty years” Jacques Barzun.
    I can tell you Dr. Taghreed that we were invisible in our program, but now we are visible 🙂

  5. It was really an amazing class..
    Wish u all the best colleagues..

    & thanx alot Dr. Taghreed u r such a wonderful instructor & one of a kind =”)

    Hope 2 c u alllllll inshalla some day =”)

    Break a leg..

  6. Dr. Taghreed,

    Thank you very much for this wonderful class, it was my pleasure and honor to be in this class. I enjoined and learned a lot from you and from our colleagues.

    Thank you Mohammed, Talal, Ahmad and all of you guys and gals for your participation in teaching me in my last course in this program and I wish you all the best of luck.

    By the way, the marathon class #2 was wonderful and full of great information.

    Thank you and good luck

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