Accredited US & Canadian Universities in DLIS

Hi everyone, in regard to Mohammed’s posts for Universities accreditation here is our Department new list for the universities  accredited for PhD. dgree


6 thoughts on “Accredited US & Canadian Universities in DLIS

  1. Who told you or how did u know that I removed Dr.samir signature?

    And ask yourself Dr charlene for a new signature.. by the way u are so smart to remember our faculty members autographs 🙂

  2. No smart or creepy. The signature is in Arabic and read سمير. So it couldn’t be Dr. Charlene. Who was the Chairman before her? guess and recieve a prize.

  3. I can confirm that u are smart brother coz I will never know how to interpret a signature that way!!

    U know I have been in the dept. for more than 3 years and never thought abt their signature.. i think u r so close to the dept.

    Anyway Im so happy to see ur valuable comments

  4. I know I know I know, it’s Dr.Samir. He was the chairman.
    Now what is my prize?

    I really wish you will be there Ahmad tomorrow, I really do 😉 that’s my only prize.

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