Finally, We celebrate our graduation together after a long journey that lasted three years in the master program. Yesterday as i finished and Abdullah our last exam in the program, have concluded our requirements to be master degree holders. Saleh has beaten us with six months to be we followed fast by us. Talal was already done last Wednesday. And as a treat to our hard work we decided to head to Johnny carinos to celebrate and have some fun.

This was a day that we all waited for so long, and well deserved day. A day that we discuss our next dreams and journeys and what should we do with our future days? How the graduation will affect our lives? Whats next? A meeting that is mixed with dreams and hopes that we hope nothing will prevent or stop.

And as memory like this shall not parish easy, i changed the blog header image with a special occasion image of the four of us. This image will remain there till the graduation ceremony. Then another surprise will be reviled here that will give you a glimpse of our next journey.

Congratulation my friends and all the colleagues that will graduate. And good luck my friends who shall wait and continue to graduate next semester or next year.See you all in the graduation ceremony on the 14th.