Thank You

At the end of each semester I dedicate a post to thank all who I met and worked with during the course. teachers and students.

First i want to thank Dr.Chaudhari who in System Analysis class was much flexible and respectful this with much tolerance. This is my second class with him and as usual he had much experience to share with us and had much patient with us that makes us really wonder how great this guy is.

Now the most interesting is Dr.Taghreed Alqodsi. This lady is great. This is my first experience with in her in class 546 “Internet Basics for Professionals”. And what a class it was. Should i talk about the group and friends that worked hard to make that class one of best and friendliest classes or should i talk about Dr.Taghreed. She is a warm kind person that doesn’t make you feel as if she is a teacher and you are a student. She was our big sister and we were her brothers. Thank you Dr. Taghreed for a wonderful class.

Thanks to all my friends, If I should mention you by name the list will be long. We really worked hard in this last course. And i feel really tired as if I should sleep for three days to compensate the three years. But it was worth it. Thanks to you all.


Mohammad Ali Al.Bahrani

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One thought on “Thank You

  1. Mohammed my dear brother

    I would like to express my feelings towards you since this is your last THANK YOU post after graduation.

    On behalf all students, faculty, workers, staff, security, and anyone live in university campus I would like to give you a BIG THANK YOU and wish you all the best in you life.

    You have been more than wonderful and kind to us and always been the biggest supporter in all time.

    So THANK YOU FROM THE HEART, I hope you achieve what you really looking for in you academic and real live.


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