Enjoy the Graduation Ceremony without Chocolate, flowers … etc. There is a surprise!

Dear students,

There is a suggestion from ………. to bring either Mohammad Abdu or Sha’ban Abdulraheem or Lady Gaga if you don’t listen to arabic music for our graduation ceremony.  You have to gather, decide, arrange …. etc.  This is only a suggestion from ……., and it’s for you, “listen to me” for you, not for us! ……  but you will be responsible if you didn’t bring Mohammad Abdu , Sha’ban, or Lady Gaga el6aggaga!!!!!! 

“It’s THEIR suggestion!, and THEY blame us at the end!”

My wisdom for you today:

 “if you are planning to do a wedding or a ceremony, don’t ask your hosts to bring their food with them!”  If you can’t do it, don’t do it, and no one will blame you for that!


9 thoughts on “Enjoy the Graduation Ceremony without Chocolate, flowers … etc. There is a surprise!

  1. IF AAC is paying for the food and the hall like always. This is highly appreciated. What will they do with the rest of the money ? AAC is paying and they want us to pay as will. Either you do your ceremony and honor us in the most appropriate way or say sorry on dont do it.

    Its a shame to ask for extra things that are supposed to be there to honor and commemorate us and as us to bring it.

    Any way as i promised, I will bring my chair and a clup sandwich.

  2. I will bring my own bottle of water. Don’t forget yours :p There are people who have good management and coordinating skills. I don’t want to mention their names. They would do everything without asking anyone for donation 😛
    Seriously, I’m thinking to go to Bait Alzakat and ask them for sponsoring our event! They will provide us with chocolate, flowers, photography, water, napkins free of charge … etc 😛
    Moh, by the way, I heard that there was an event in our department, and I don’t know who sponsored that event!? hmmm, can that person be a sponsor for our retirement ceremony.
    Moh, “don’t forget to proof read the invitation letter!”

  3. Yes there was an event yesterday with food and chairs for all. Who paid for that should also pay for ceremony. It’s not the money that counts but people attitude.

  4. Mohammad,
    There are two mistakes in the invitation letter, one of them is corrected already, the other one, they don’t know about it! if you find it, don’t tell anybody, it’s going to be embarrassing not for us! but for Dr. Aseel Alawadhi!.


    Its really miserable to see you guys including myself in such situation. I know things sometimes runs under politics where sometimes its beyond it.

    I think what happened will completely wipe off our greatest moments in the entire program. its going to be the black dot in the white board. I agree with you Mohammed “its not about money more than attitude”. and I agree with you Talal when you said ” If you can’t do it, don’t do it, and no one will blame you for that!”.

    For me, I had already my greatest ceremony of graduation. It was with the three “Musketeers” in “Johnny Carinos”. The blog is a big proof of it.. LOOK AT OUR SMILES..

  6. I totally agree Saleh. Lets not ruin this day and the achievement that we suffered in for three years. The ceremony is not the issue here. We are not in a war. We just wish that things were dealt with in a better manner because we care. We want the best for the students, Department, and faculty.

    Let bygones be bygones

  7. We for sure miss Dr. Samir Hamade in events like this. He used to do everything by himself without asking for anything from the students.

  8. ahmad,

    I totally agree with you. Unfortunately, he wasn’t in charge of this event, and he’s not going to be here in the graduation ceremony. We will miss him, because he was a very kind with lots of energy. He has good communication and coordination skills. Wishing you all the best Dr. Samir, and we will always remember you 🙂

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