On the 14th of June 2010 The ceremony of graduation the Library and Information Science Master program students will take place. This will be our final meeting and last reunion i guess. When you go there smile and through all your bad feeling away and just enjoy the moment. No one is perfect although we want to be perfect and we expect others others to be.

Unfortunately, there are two major mistakes in the invitation cards. I will leave it to you to find out the mistakes. There should proof read the cards before printing. At least that what we were told as students.


15 thoughts on “Invitation

  1. actually I found three! If you find more, you will get a prize in the graduation ceremony. Good luck :p

  2. Why Fadhel Hussain (Bo Mohammad) is not listed as one of the graduated students?? I recall that he graduated 1st. semester (Fall 2009/2010)..!!!!!

  3. Dear Fadhel Hussain (Bo Mahammad), your name is not listed in the invitation card but it is in our heart….. Mabrook and inshallah the PHD.
    Now, let me try the second mistake ….
    The names are not listed in an alphabetical order.

  4. Wow… Ahmad how did you find that? This is a fourth.

    Guys please stop it, this is getting embarrassing. I’m afraid if you keep on looking you will find a fifth mistake.

    Wow, this is really funny, after all this is our department. Or is it ?

  5. There is one name on the right side which is not BOLD! why!? can you consider that a mistake!? 😛 + Kalemat alkherregen Al6aleba! it should be alkherrega ..

    Ahmad .. Cron hathe markt moos 7elaqa lOooOl ya3ni 7aflatna bet9eer fe 9aloon! mayendara regali or nesa’e 😛

  6. أتوقع صحيحة.. كلمة الخريجين تلقيها بالنيابة عنكم الطالبة

    أنا متفائل يا بوناصر أنها راح تكون حفلة ناجحة ان شاء الله لأنها من خيرة الخريجين اللي تعرفت عليهم
    وفقكم الله لكل خير

  7. Hhhhh checking the card & reading ur comments was intersting hhh..

    Good luck..
    I have feelings also that it is going to be perfectly perfect 😉


  8. Shouldn’t be:

    تحت رعاية أسيل العوضي وبحضور العميد
    It is the opposite. who is higher?

  9. النائب أو النائبة؟
    رئيسة أو رئيس؟

    Be ready for tomorrow. Many of the faculty members are not going to be there! 😦 Those who can’t make it, we wish you are with us 🙂

    Ahmad, you are invited tomorrow, don’t miss the event!

  10. I guess you are right Ahmad, it should be تحت رعاية أسيل العوضي وبحضور العميد. But also it could be upon agreement.

    How could one invitation card holds so many mistakes. I give it C- if it was presented in my class 🙂

    Any way the card don’t count. It’s the memories that we will hold after tomorrow and forever with us.

    Happy graduation day guys

  11. Oh one more thing I forgot to mention. Our friend Abdullah had an objection on the ceremony program card. He was angry because they didn’t put his name as Quran reciter. Not because of his name but because he always emphasizes on the importance of Quran reciters and how they are always neglected although they are reading the most important words, the true words of Allah.

    I guess you can add that as a huge mistake 🙂

  12. He is right..
    Cuz when I read the card, I wondered who is going to be Quran reciter.

    Good luck anyhow..
    & since we r not able to be there and share u the the beautiful moments, we want few posts about it Ba7rani lol, not one =)

    Break a leg allll folks =)

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