Event: Graduation Ceremony 2010

When Dr.Asel Al Awadi was making her speech today i was thinking that she was talking about me. Also my dear wife later told me that she was thinking the same as she saw my face expressions. What Dr.Asel was saying is”What next?”. Each time she fulfill one of her dreams she thinks it not enough and she have to do more. “Whats next?” And that’s exactly what i think “Whats Next?” each phase of my life concludes with this question “Whats next?

About today ceremony i can not say more but to quote my friends Ahmad And Hamadni:


Location: Crown Plaza Hotel, Farwanya
Time : Monday June 14th at 7 PM
Event: Graduation 2009/2010 students of MLIS/KU
Tonight was a special night for graduated students in MLIS. I really enjoyed meeting our nice friends wearing the graduation rob. We are really proud of you……..I tried to find someone to sit near to him,, Aoun was there but couldn’t see him so i joined too nice brothers of my nice friend Hamdani Hassani, they told me please have a seat, so generous people with one glass of fresh lemon…they were very respectful people, but i found that i was sitting in front of a block of cement one meter width (عامود) so I couldn’t see the whole group of graduated students…
I missed Abdullah when he read Quran but I will not miss him in Alwazzan Mosque every Friday…. ( Majoor ya Bo Ahmad)
The celebration was very well organized, Dr. Aseel told her story life from elementray school till she graduated from University oo ba3dain,,, Master oo ba3dain,, PHD oo ba3dain,, Teaching students in KU for three years  oo ba3dain,,, women Rights  oo ba3dain,, Kuwait assembly as first women to win the elections,, oo ba3dain………to be continued..
Aseeri first was clear and to the point……… Sajjad,, nice advices,,, Zainab…. Good presentation and nice that you brought the sentences of Dr. Mumtaz.. touching words..
The main thing that we enjoyed the happiness and smiles of our nice friends… Mohammad, Talal, Abdullah, Fadhel, Hassani, Jumanah, Hawa’a, Zainab, Asma, Manal, Saleh, Batool, Sakeena, Mariam  and others
Instructors: Dr. Chaudhri, with his wonderful smile, Dr. Taghreed very active and good personality
I saw Aoun at the end of the celebration ,,,,nice friend,, شد حيلك حق السنة الياية ان شاءالله
Overall Evaluation: a very successful celebration welFal lekom inshallah
Mabrook to you all and inshallah we will see you PHD holders
Best wishes
Enjoy your Summer vacation
Bo U sef
I surfed through all my dictinaries, encyclopedias, language activators and collocations, I could not find the suitable words that express
my gratitudes, appreciations; above all, my joy and happiness to have accompanied people like you, and gained this great relationship from which a lots of experience, patience, perseverance were learnt.

These occations have healed a bit our pains, and some of what we suffered through this three-year active learnig journey. but the most important part, I think, is that we learnt a lots of experice, we explored a wide range of knowledge, and we enjoyed charing that knowledge… REALLY!

Prof. Sajjad metioned that, one of the pillars of that nice journey was the (taught), which means, what we learnt, and will be remembered in our life.

I think everyone was so nice, and more objective. We benefited from all of those speeches. Thanks to all!

but a special thank, is for you Bo Usef, and our best colleague Oun, (عون) for your attendance.

May the Almighty God save this good relationship for longlife, and make everyone of us benefit form this degree, and those who still on the way,
succeed and enjoy the rest of their studies

your brother
Hamdani Hassani Nouhou—-
who used to be called, Hassani


6 thoughts on “Event: Graduation Ceremony 2010

  1. Thank you very much Mohammad

    Congratulation to all, and wish to see other colleagues in the same position next year … a great thanks and appreciation to all our faculty, organizers and colleagues

    GOD bless you all and good luck

  2. If am not mistaken, this graduating group has the biggest number of male students, Shabab. You are already changing the image of this profession guys;-) Another element that makes this group distinguished in addition to the fact that all of them, males & females are very accomplished, successful and achieving. Every year we experience this success with you, our students,and move on to more to come. Can not wait to hear of your next chores, accomplishments and commitments. Stay in touch, Mabrook and keep up the good work. stay in touch.

  3. Congratulation my colleagues. Yesterday was a wonderful day. I was so happy because of you all. Guys, you made it! I’m very proud of you. 14th of June 2010, we will never forget this day! Not only because it was our graduation ceremony, no no, but because I fell down in the stage “!@@!”. I’m still suffering from bruises, but 7amdollelah for everything.

    I have two quotes one for our graduates and colleagues, and one for our teachers

    Graduates and colleagues:
    “You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself in any direction you choose. You’re on your own.
    And you know what you know. You are the guy who’ll decide where to go.” by Dr. Seuss

    Dr. Taghreed, and all our faculty members:
    “In teaching you cannot see the fruit of a day’s work. It is invisible and remains so, maybe for twenty years.” by Jacques Barzun

    Special note for those who couldn’t make it yesterday:

    – Dr. Charlene Alqallaf, we missed you yesterday, get well soon.

    – Dr. Samir Hamade, whenever we are happy, we remember you, because you always make us happy. Not only in your class, but whenever we see you. “Keep that smile and happiness :)”

    Dr. Hussain Al-Ansari, even though I took one class with you, but you are special, and you are always there to support us.

    Dr. Laila Marouf, my supervisor, I wish you were with us yesterday. I have worked with you for couple of months for my comprehensive, and I was enjoying every moment in that project. Whenever I talk about Knowledge Management, Knowledge Sharing & Communities of Practice, I always mention your name. I love this subject, and you taught me so many things.

    Special thanks to our Teacher Assistants:
    Gloria Mohammad, Bashayer Alrandi, Lamya Almunayes, Hayat Alyaqout … etc.

    Special thanks for those who worked hard on the graduation cermony, and for those who were there to support us:
    Yousif Alarj, Ala’a, Aoun Hussain, Ahmad Alsaffar, Farah, Fatma, and Kholood … etc.

    Special thanks to the Upcoming Graduates:
    Rgaya, Esra’ … etc. I have learned a lot from you, so keep up the good spirit.

    Thank you all …

  4. Mabroooook Guys..
    And Talal I can feel ur happiness and ur success through the comment u r writing =”)

    So haneyyalek o 3alaikum bel 3afiya hal ayyam el 7elwa.

    & we learned from u alot as well Sir.

    Break a leg 🙂

  5. Thank you all, Sorry i couldn’t replay earlier, i had to leave for Cairo next day.

    Dr.Taghreed. thank you for your kind words. And you better believe it, we will be in tough 🙂

    Talal. Its OK to get some pain in return of a master degree. Dont you think so ? 🙂

    Rgaya, you have been a great supporter for this blog even before you even saw or knew us. Thank you my sister and god bliss you.

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