To Cairo

Abdullah, Saleh, and me are headed to Cairo today. A trip that will take four days in Egypt to visit Cairo University and see the potential of continuing our PhD study in there. According to the 2007 Academic ranking for World Universities (ARWU), published by the Institute of Higher Education at Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Cairo University is ranked 1st in Egypt and one of the Top 500 World Universities. I don’t know if that is good or bad!

This trip is going to be interesting. I have been there twice in Cairo, that was more than 13 years a go. I just wish Talal was with us so the circle would complete. And don’t worry, you will get full coverage of the trip after, or during if i was lucky to find free internet there.

Our plane depart at 11:50 noon at Saad AlAbdulla Airport. And im using Wataniya Airways for the first time. So its going to be interesting journey to experience real friendship and explore more the possibility of a PhD in the future.

On the other hand, it will be a good chance to have some recreation and rest for a small portion after long three years. So many things i want to see there and places i want to go.

Wish us good luck and safe return.


3 thoughts on “To Cairo

  1. حفظكم الله في الحل والترحال
    شوفوا لنا جامعة سنعة خل نكمل دراستنا ان شاءالله

    وأقول ياليت تشترون الأهرامات وانتو يايين الكويت

    اشتر واحد وجربه 🙂

  2. Ahmad, we tried to buy a small pyramid but we didn’t have enough money. They are not cheap as you know !

    For any question regarding living cost there and university cost, im here.

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