Back from Cairo: updated

Back from Cairo yesterday late. It’s a journey that Abdullah, Saleh, and me started on Tuesday 15 and lasted for four days in Cairo. Propose of the journey was to explore Egyptian universities for PhD degree in Library and Information Science. And that we did.

First day we arrived there was not much time to do anything except visit the holy shrine of Imam Hussain, Sayda Zainab, Khan al Khaleli Bazar, and finally have a nice dinner on the bank of the great Nile. This was great nice cool day we spent with a good first impression about Cairo.

This is the chair that we all saw Shaiykh AL Shaarawi used to sit on every Friday and give his great lectures in Imam Al Hussain mosque. As you can see now someone else is sitting on it.

Second day we go to business. First we made a quick visit to Kuwait Cultural Office which was really close to the hotel. There we tried to get some information that could help or guide us in or mission, but unfortunately no one there was up to it. Second heading was Cairo University. It was nothing as we expected. Huge Campos with many students sittings, talking, walking, studying, and doing almost everything. The Campos looked cool. It was a period of final exams and you can see chairs and tables all over the corridors. We had a meeting there with Professor Aosama AlSayed the chairman of Library, Documentation, and information department in the university. This guy was great and very helpful and encouraging. That’s when our hopes got high.

Same day we made it to Cairo museum and other places like Omar Makram Mosque in Maydan Tahreer Square.  Remember الارهاب والكباب, it was filmed there in Tahreer complex. Finally we had this weird journey to see القناطر الخيرية and what a journey it was, just weird!

Third day, we tried to locate conceal of Arabic universities accreditation but we were not successful as the main office was relocated somewhere near Cairo University. So the other option was to visit Ain Shams University. Now the story here is much different. The Campos looked good enough but the inside was like entering an old Arabic movie. I think the next picture will give a good clue. The meeting with Dr.Thanaa the chairman of the department was fast and inconclusive.

Later that night we made a visit to Sayda Nafeesa. She is the descendant of Imama Hassan. The cool thing is that Thursday night newly married couples will gather there to celebrate their weddings and regular people will just crowd and gather outside the mosque forming a nice friendly atmosphere.

That night we had a meeting with Mr.Abu Haneen. He will be our liaison there to finish our papers. This meeting was very informative as more details and information was revealed.

Fourth day, the final day Abdullah insisted to visit Al Rifae Mosque to attend Friday prayer and also to listen to one of the most Quran reciter, and it was done, Saleh dream was to see the Pyramids in real. So we did and we take some great photos there. My request all along was to eat Hamam حمام. The guys were kind enough also to fulfill my request and we did eat Hamam.

Final conclusion, as a country and a place to live and study, it’s not going to be easy. Cairo is hard city. As universities it seems that Cairo University is a good choice. The problem now is finding out if we had to really live there in Cairo for 240 days or not. If just can do it without really living in Cairo, that would really be cool. Also there is much of paper work that needs to be don and it will take us maybe 3 months prepare all the required documents.

Now regarding the guys, Saleh and Abdulaa. What can I say? They are just great with mush cooperation and help. We all were into it and had the enthusiasm. We had so much laughter about the strange things we saw there. Abdullah was the tour guide and Saleh was the budget handler. And i was the negotiator. Thank you guys for great company.

Final notice, I really wish Talal was with us there and we remembered him allot in there. Although I highly doubt it Talal will like the situation in Cairo.

P.S: There is much information to mention and reveal in one post. If you want to know anything more make a comment and ask about Egypt and the universities and bylaws. We will be glad to answer.


16 thoughts on “Back from Cairo: updated

  1. Welcome back brothers..
    & really really nice post.. “full of life”..
    I like it 🙂

    Mwaffegeen inshalla,

  2. Tegabal Allah elzeyara and welcome back dear friends. A question Mohammad: The study will be in arabic language? and is it like attending courses for 4 years or just present a scientific research with Thesis?
    To be honest with you I recommend the UK or USA universities to have your PHD but good that you do some kind of orentation to some arabic universities like Eygpt. Agool Mohammad why don’t we ask Dr. Sameer if there are any Universities in Lebanon to offer PHD in the field of LIS, at least in Lebanon the
    الخضرة والماء والدكتواره الحسنة

  3. By the way Mohammad, what are you doing in the first photo near the pyrimds?? is it Athan time (praying time) or let me guess you are saying
    يا عيني يا عيني يا عين ويا ليلي يا ليلي يا ليل

  4. Thanks Ahmad and Rgaya. The study will be in Arabic language and is it is just presenting a scientific research with Thesis.
    UK or USA universities
    ِAnd i did ask Dr. Sameer about Universities in Lebanon that offer PHD in the field of LIS. His replay was “none” and i still have his message 🙂

    and regarding UK and USA universities, if you can afford it, then be my guest. They are just too damn expensive.

    This is not and option that we choose for the sake of it, its just we dont have another option. Any recommendations are welcomed.

  5. Salam all

    Thank you Bo Hasan for this post with all of these information GOD bless you. Also thank you for your kind words, actually you and Saleh were a great company, Thank you verrrrry much.

    I have no more words to say, Bo Hasan mentioned every thing. And Cairo university is the best university in middle east for our filed, that why we were thinking to go for it. About UK or USA universities, you need scholarship, without it you can not go, and we didn’t have a scholarship.

    Thank you and good luck

  6. Masha`allah Mohammed Thank you for remembering every moment happened in Cairo, which are no forgettable.

    Thank you for your sweet words for us, and I think the entire trip would be awful if you weren’t there.. I can say you were the SALT of the trip and Abdullah were the inspirer one.

    I had wonderful times with you guys and the most beautiful one when “IBLEES” was with us that night. I think we laughed the most longest laugh in our entire life 🙂

    In regard to the universities, I liked Cairo more than Ain Shams in terms of environment, ranking, and reputation. If anyone have a scholarship or money don’t think about Egypt but go to the UK or US.

    I wish all of you the best in your academic life and hope to see you in the nearest future


  7. Guys,

    Prepare yourself for our next visit to Lahore. Seriously, we will find a big support from our professor Mumtaz there. Would you like to go there in August or December!?

    I’m very happy for you guys because you finally did it! we were talking about this visit when we were with Dr. Hussain’s class. Mr. Bahraini, do you remember!? we were thinking to visit the Alexandria Library!

    Excellent job, keep up the good work 🙂

  8. Really we are proud of you Mohammad, Abdullah,Talal and Saleh. You all have the motivation, enthusiasm, skills and talents to be Proffesors in the field of LIS. Find the chance and catch it coz as it is said by emam Ali (3): “Chances pass like clouds…”. We really wish you all the good luck and all the success in your life.

  9. Salaam,
    I was very pleased to see all of you graduate.
    It was nice to see these postings, especially the intention to take the next step. If you can play the trick to bring the pyramid under your elbow, you can achieve reasonable goals with hard work.

    You need to look at the University of Malaya, Kuala Lumpur. They offer Ph. D. as external degree just by thesis. You don’t have to live there. I have just examined a doctoral thesis by a student from the Sudan. It was a commendable piece of research on a an interesting topic conducted in one of the Sudanese universities.

    No university in Pakistan offers Ph. D. just by thesis. You will be very welcome to Lahore any time.

    My very best wishes.

    1. Dear P.Mumtaz

      It’s an honor to see you here in the blog. We have been waiting so long for your contribution. If I would known our trip to Cairo would make comment I would have traveled there long ago.

      Actually, it is much easy to carry the pyramids or put it under my elbow than trying to get a PhD without a scholarship. This is our destiny I guess. Unfortunately, our boundaries are the bylaws of Kuwait University and Ministry of Higher Education. We seek to work under the umbrella of the government sector. Our discipline has fewer chances in the privet sector here in Kuwait.

      Please, keep following our blog. Your contributions really give it momentum. And we could really appreciate any advice that we can get from you. And I really wish that one day Kuwait University will over PhD program in LIS.


  10. Prof. Mumtaz,

    It’s our honor to see your comment in this blog. It ads value to it. Unfortunately, as of today, Kuniv accepts only specific schools from the US and Canada, and I think PAAET does the same. There are lots of good schools in Malaysia, as you suggested, and in Singapore such as Nanyang Technological University. We will look for opportunities here and there, and we are positive that we will find one. Prof. Mumtaz, we will inshallah visit you one day 🙂

  11. Dr. Mumtaz, The down to earth professor, the humble teacher, the father… still we are reading your article “What’s in A Name” the reality in becoming Information Management IM instead of LIS, will the dream becomes a reality in the nearist future?? Hopefully YES.
    We need another dream,, to have a PHD program in Kuwait.. and I’ll wait for it no matter the years ahead
    Dr. Mumtaz.. I still remember the first lecture in 2008 saying to us: Ask yourslef, what I am doing here?? Will it add something to me?? It was really a challenge for us to change our vision into better goals and objectives, into life that could make a change for us and for our society.
    You are the real university that we were once your students and still trying to capture that tacit knowledge that is not documented since you have the long experience in life and beleive me
    Dr. Mumtaz sometimes a small word from a wise man like you could change the person’s life into a very useful person and that’s what we are trying to do… to complete your journey with all the advices and passionate words..Last but not least Dr. Mumtaz.. Be proud of your students and always remember that we always remember You.

    Thank You

  12. Prof. Mumtaz,

    It is an honor to see your replay, thank you very much, actually everybody is missing you and your wisdom words. Thank you for the advice, and we were thinking to search for some universities in Singapore and Malaysia, and with your advice we will search for those universities in more seriously.

    Thank you and good luck


  13. Thank you Prof. Mumtaz for your means that you still care about your students. It is true that when we search for any university usually we look in Arabic countries, US or UK we dont think about Islamic or other Asian countries. For me I hope that Kuwait University will offer PhD in LIS one day..I wonder why they dont ..I think we have excellent faculty memebers who can supervise doctoral dissertations.

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