Scholarship Procedures

To continue your studies and try to have a PhD from Cairo, you need the following:

  1. Original High school certificate
  2. Original Bachelor certificate
  3. Original Master certificate
  4. Master program Transcript   كشف الدرجات
  5. Original Birth certificate
  6. Copy from your all the pages of your passport
  7. Certificate that you had classes regularly at the university  شهادة لمن يهمه الامر بالانتظام بالدراسة
  8. Give all the papers to Department of Foreign Affairs of ratifications إدارة التصديقات الخارجية – وزارة الخارجية – الشويخ to get it certificated and authenticated.
  9. Letter from Higher Studies to Kuwait embassy in Cairo
  10. All these papers must go to our cultural office in Cairo so they can authentic it and give you another letter to Supreme Council of Universities in Cairo المجلس الاعلى للجامعات.
  11. Pay 1140 Egyptian Pounds = 60 KD
  12. Wait for two month so they will give you Equivalency certificate معادلة الشهادة
  13. Finally, take it and go to any university and apply.
  14. 11.  One more thing you must do there. القيد الامني which will take 2 months to finish. But you can do that later as you start your study in the university or when you get accepted.
  15. 12.  Also there is a medical test later.


You must pay 3200 Sterling Pounds = 1600 KD the first year

Each study year later you must pay 2000 Sterling pounds = 1000 KD

Total is 7200 pounds = 3600 KD for 3 years

P.S: Allot of hard work and money was spent to get this information 🙂


3 thoughts on “Scholarship Procedures

  1. Salam
    Thank you Mohamed, you make it easy for those who want to continue and take their PhD from did a great job seaching and collecting information.
    what about Gulf University in Bahrain?

  2. Gulf University in Bahrain do not offer PhD program in Library and information science. not even Jourdan not Lebanon. It can be found only in Egypt and Saudi Arabia.

    I wish someone could confirm this information.

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