Scholarship by Kuwait University 2010

It has been published. New plan of Kuwait University scholarships. You can see it here. And here you can download and print the application form.

What concern us is the following:

So I’m out, unless there are exceptions !


25 thoughts on “Scholarship by Kuwait University 2010

  1. ماهي ترجمة : بنية المعلومات وتصميمها
    Is it Information Building or Information Construction and Design?? and why not بناء المعلومات
    or may be they need “Information System Analysis and Design” تحليل أنظمة المعلومات وتصميمها ….. مو أحلى هاالتخصص؟؟؟

    I like the translation of Digitization and archiving الرقمنة والأرشفة

      1. These strange topics for scholarship, who choose these topics? I don’t even understand what is بنية المعلومات وتصميمها !!

        Did the department choose the topic? If they did then its tailored for someone specific. If not and the choice was all from KUNIV than the disaster is greater. How could they choose a topic without consulting LIS department?

        This is hopeless

        B: Join the club 🙂

        Never the less, I can’t use the scholarship because of the age condition and the bachelor GPA.

  2. you are so helpfull , ma etga9roon wallah , i am an old but young graduate from the department 😛 moshkeltee el wa7eedaa eb el 3 points malooot ta5a9o9 el jam3aa :(:(:(:( 7adhom maleee8een :@
    i am a TA in PAAET now , its not that bad ,you should blog about us u would have alot of things to say …

    1. B,

      Once one of the musketeers gets accepted in PAAET, then we will cover everything related to it. You are our Ambassador in PAAET, so feel free to post anything you want to share with us. I think, you don’t teach LIS! right?

      Do us a favor, and try to get us a scholarship from PAAET!

      1. Yes Talal !! is it possible sice KU conditions are not fair and concetrate on the bachelor AND masters grades ??

      2. no I do teach LIS classes and help Dr with some classes it depends , I don’t think they will be hiring anyone new anytime soon 😦 they also stopped sending scholarships 😦 😦 and the big problem is in addition to having the same rules as KU you also need a very big wastaa , my only problem is my BA GPA and I am dam close 😦
        thanks to inviting me to post something , I would love to , but I don’t know where to start , can we just say paaet is the grave yard of inelegance and hard work 😉

  3. Hi everyone

    I went there today, unfortunately and the bad news is that the scholarship dept. Will not accept ur paper whatever so of u aren’t within their criteria.. so guys dream abt ur entire life unless those stupid bylaws changes in anytime in the future.

    Bye bye PhD forever 🙂

  4. Saleh,

    I didn’t understand what you said, why we can’t submit our papers?? what criteria they have?

    Thank you

  5. Abdallah,

    If you have a GPA of 3.0 and higher in you Bsc. Degree both the both in the general and major, and a 3.5 in your master then be my guest and submit ur papers otherwise they will not accept ur application..

    Go back to ( elshoro6 el3ammah ) and see if u fit their criteria..

  6. hi dear
    my name is m. tariq. am 4rm pakistan
    i want to apply there.i want to continue study there because every body now that what is going on in pakistan. with present satuation it too difficult that a person get a good education here. so i want to continue education there my father is also working there so i think there will be no burdon coming on mu sholder mean he can afford that so i request the kuwait governement that they give me one chance for that. i have done FSC. I WILL BE WAITING FOR UR RESPONCE

  7. One month ago we got an invitation to study in Pakistan. I guess the education situation there is not better than here after all. Why then they were complaining about it ?

    m.tariq, We will be happy to help you if we can. You can see Kuwait University web site and read the rules. If they apply and appropriate to you then you will be more than welcomed here

  8. Asalam aleikum, I am murshed mahmoud kalule from Uganda i completed my degree from makerere university in education with Arabic language and world history but i kindly request the administration to support my further studies from any university under your management.+256702750755

  9. Asalam aleikum Iam Bivanju Sinan from Uganda I have
    Bachelors degree in Library and Information Science
    from Makerere University Kampala have CGPA of 3.92
    is it easy for me to be offered scholarship for Masters in Library and Information Science

  10. please make the scholarship more easier for indigent students. Is there no scholarship for counseling psychology, undergraduate and postgraduate studies?


  12. Salam alaikum,am from nigeria and am through with the Bsc:sociology in the university in nigeria and i will like to further in kuwait university!pls help me out wil be glad. salam!

  13. I simply couldn’t go away your site before suggesting that I extremely loved the usual info a person provide in your guests? Is gonna be again frequently to inspect new posts

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