Education in Egypt

Could it get any worse? Talal, I don’t know why i have the feeling that your really going to laugh!!


10 thoughts on “Education in Egypt

  1. Yes you are right, education is not very well in a lot of Arab countries. Very low level, actually most of young people don’t have any general information, they are busy with other things.

    But any way, When I am talking about universities like Cairo or Ain Shams, I will stop here, these are a very high quality universities, not me who is saying that, go to any official academic ranking and see what they say about them. Actually, I have a lot of examples of faculty members from those universities

    But when we talk about other educational orgnizations, I will agree with what has been mentioned in the video above

    Thank you

  2. Dear Bo Ahmad

    You know how to evaluate.I am sure you will choose best of the best, and where ever you go, the environment will be good as you are good and full of faith and wonderful spirit and soul.

    نسألكم الدعاء

  3. وأنتم من أهل الدعاء مولانا العزيز أبا يوسف

    أحسنتم وبارك الله فيكم

  4. Ahmad: What is Zis??!!! he he he he 🙂

    I agree with Abdullah, Dont be fooled by appearances and fancy furniture and buildings. Still Cairo University is ranked top of Arab universities. Even better than Kuwait university.

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