Information Revolution: The key in your Hand

You have many roles in this life and as you are now a master degree graduate in the field of Library and Information science then you have the right to dream to be a PHD holder and really many students deserve to be proffesors in the field but if you face this door is close then this is not the end of the world, try to open new doors for you and you will see that this field and what you studied for three years in the world of library and information science can open this door for you and be very and more successful even proffesors refer to you just to know what you achieved and develop wether in the field of IT, design, cataloging, knowledge management and many other fields that you were intrested in, so catch the chance and develop it, start from small things the let it grow, you will see the fruits and other will see it and be proud of what you did.

and as it is said: Every Day is a new day for the wise person.


3 thoughts on “Information Revolution: The key in your Hand

  1. Yes. I aggree with you. The key is in our hand. Education is very important. If you have a change and have a good financial affordability, go to the highest level of education. If you haven’t, don’t stop learning, trying new effort, exploring new method. Always be innovated on what you do. No money doesn’t have to give up. Cheer up! May Allah give us a change to achieve our ideal. Amien

  2. I agree. but you are forgetting one important elements! Fate and Destiny. Some time you will have all the potentials and capabilities but fate will just stop you. Also the surrounding environment and circumstances.

    I’m not saying that we should stop and have dark thoughts all the time. I agree with you totally. We have to do what we have to do, have faith in Allah, And thing will hope to be OK and promising.

  3. Thank you Bu Usef for cheering us up, I really appreciate it and I hope you also achieve your dreams coz you are a wonderful person and deserve it.

    But I agree with Mohammed, having potentials is different completely from fate and destiny. One example will make things clearer. If Kuwait university didn’t change the GPA we will never have the chance to apply our papers unless a miracle happens..

    hope every thing will be fine in the future.

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