Q. How can you lift an elephant with one hand?


7 thoughts on “THINK OUT OF BOX #3: Solved

  1. I can lift an elephant toy in one hand 😉 or I draw an elephant on a paper and lift it in one hand.

    In one of the sites I read the following information about elephants:

    “At birth, a baby elephant, called a calf, Weight at birth: 110 to 250 pounds (50 to 113 kilograms”.

    Before 20 years, I could lift 50 Kg in one hand.Now I am in the 50’s I can lift only 20 Kg. Everything is going in reverse in our life:)

    So Mohammad, choose the best answer and don’t tell me (None of the above is right).

    Last Mohammad, Could you please evaluate the above site ( Accuracy, affliation, Currency, etc…).

    Sorry, it looks my comment is huge as an elephant:)

  2. Ahmad: Think out of the box 🙂 and you will find the answer.

    Regarding evaluation. Now all the websites i visit looks the same to me. My evaluation sense has been damaged.

  3. Think out of the Box

    The elephant inside the box??!!! 🙂 🙂

    Now let me break it, not the box, i mean the question…

    The elephant, lift, with one hand….!!!!
    Lift, elephant, with one hand!!!!


    Why I lift an elephant with one hand???!!!

  4. Good youtube example you put there. put let me break it to you out of the box:

    How can you lift
    an elephant with one hand?

    I think its more clear now !!!

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