Walking Again

Today I started walking as a sport after many years of holding it back. I won’t call it jogging because for the first there won’t be any running or ill day on the spot.

Today was the perfect day. Cool breeze was blowing as if we were not in June. I had nothing to do as I finished all my chores early. I had new jogging shoes. Kids are not at home or with me. So there were no reasons what so ever to hold it back and no excuses this time. I kept giving myself reasons not to do it, but I know I have to. I need to have healthier life style. And It have to start one day.

Another motive is I keep seeing everybody around me getting thinner and slimmer and I’m getting only fatter and bigger. When I started the master program I started losing weight. For two years everything was OK. The third year things started blowing up and I was a fat magnet. Nothing is changed in my life style, only I got fatter each day. This has to stop or it will be harder to deal with later.

What a feeling it was, to hear the wind blowing and see all these men and women walking beside you. It’s like we were cheering for each other silently, motivated to see ourselves doing this like many other people that we don’t know. I thought of listening to an audio book, Music, lecture, or podcast. But I canceled everything as I was maturated with technology already. I wanted some peace with my thoughts and myself in natural surroundings. And this was just the right place and the right time.

Distance walked: 3000 Meters


2 thoughts on “Walking Again

  1. B: Im honored, This is cool and flattering actually. Thank you. I will put a link to your blog in this blog also. Good luck. and ill be visiting you 🙂

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