Blog: قسم علوم المكتبات و المعلومات

It seems that our blog have inspired others to do the same, which is encouraging. Our friend B has established and Arabic blog titled “قسم علوم المكتبات و المعلومات” for students of Library and Information Science in section PAEETand featured our blog in it. This is so exciting to see an Arabic Kuwaiti blog that encourages students to participate and contribute the information society. B is a teacher in PAEET and has the power to influence and motivate students to participate, and their blog is in Arabic, so their task is going to be an easy task. At least I hope so.

Thank you B for featuring our blog in your new blog and it’s an honor to know that this small blag have inspired others to do the same. Good luck and be sure that im going to be vesting you every day and checking you out :), I mean  your blog.



2 thoughts on “Blog: قسم علوم المكتبات و المعلومات

  1. Thank you so much for your kind and encouraging words, your blog is like our big brother 😉 your blog has inspired me a lot and I thought in flowing in your foot steps. With my blog, my aim is to encourage my non English reading/speaking, hard to inspire students to do something with technology and maybe for a change stop being lazy and get excited about something useful.
    And one more thing, I don’t think it’s easy to start an Arabic blog , I had to chose Arabic since it’s the only language my students understand .

  2. I know that you and your students are up to it. It will be interesting if you made it a mandatory assignment for your students to participate in your plug. And try to make it fun and useful blog and to stick to the official news so you can attract the young students to lay out their ideas and try to be creative.

    Good luck

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