Blogs: zenhabits

The Internet might be driving down our attention spans and turning us ADD, but Zenhabits is a friendly reminder to disconnect and unwind. Offering everything from productivity tips to ways to beat writer’s block, the blog has several years’ worth of guides to help you live a more efficient life — as soon as you step away from the computer.


2 thoughts on “Blogs: zenhabits

  1. Great blog and idea.. I think you right Mohammed we should be apart technology sometimes.. Do you remember that day in Egypt when you told me that living without checking emails and accessing Internet is bringing you now different experience. Yah we should leave such things away for a while but what should I say if things become more easier and simple such having an iPad, iPhone or any other smart device that brings the world between your hands..

    You know since I got my iPad I completely being freak about it and forget all about having a laptop… 🙂

  2. Enjoy it my friend. The future holds more surprises that will make life more occupied. Thats why the days pass as if they were hours. and at the end of the day you find your self achieving nothing as if you had no time at all 🙂

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