Mobile Library

The mobile library is a good idea if it is applied in our society. We usually go to libraries for searching and to gain more information for the subject that we are looking for, but it looks interesting that the library comes near to you, near to your home, in your neighborhood. the collection could be for all ages such as for kids, youth and in many fields of education and science. Special discounts could be made for selling books or any information collection as an example ( buy one get one free) ;). I guess it is a good small project for students in the university, they just need a small mini bus or to rent a bus with a co-operation with one of the libraries. This is a dual benefit project since people will gain more information to their doors and financially good for who is handling the management of mobile library. Let me choose now the title that could be addressed on the bus (The Education Bus). The idea is not new and you can go to the YouTube and you will see many clips under the title (Mobile library) so think about it and start your new project.


4 thoughts on “Mobile Library

  1. People dont read as much as you think Ahamd. To prove it take a look at THINK OUT OF BOX #5. The question is solved and people still trying to answer and solve the question.

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