On Wednesday, I got my Master certificate from the collage of higher education in Khaldiya. I was the first student to get his paper ready and receive it. I paid 8 KD only to get 8 papers in Arabic and English. Some were “To my it home concern” Some were grade sheets. And others were the deceleration of graduation and completion of requirements.

To get this paper, I had to wait three years, since 2007 to 2010. I had to go the university Campos in Shuaikh more than 20 months, 2 to 4 times a week. I know Al-Ghazali road now more than ever. I even wrote some poetry about, it was circulated through SMS. 36 Credits and 12 classes with 9 teachers. More than 16 Presentations, five of the total presentations were in Internet Class last semester, that’s more than 33%.  Countless Assignments and countless visits to Jaber AL Ahmad Central Library. Paid more than 600 KD for Course registration, 100 KD each course. Visited more Libraries in three years than I’ve did in my whole life.

How many times I locked myself in a room hiding from the kids trying to study for an exam and trying to squeeze my brain as fast as i can to get just parts of the answers in my memory. How many papers printed? How many printer tuners changed? How many internet hours used? How many times my boss at work gave me that look while i was studying at the office and all the assignments papers scattered all over my desk? Now I got Roughness of the neck and spinal. And the list goes on with things that I can even remember or count.

Now, what should I do with these papers? Submit to my work place. Show it to family and friends. Keep it beside your billow for night peaks. Scan it and make a digital copy on the computer. Write a post about it. Take a look at it every hour on the first day. What else?

Yes, I remember now, try to get a PhD. Don’t ask me how or from where. We are still thinking and the enthusiasm is getting less and less each day. The problem is not with the PhD or the research itself, the main problem is getting accepted in a university and sending the papers and all the requirements to the University abroad.  The major problem is the tuition and the financial issues.

Life is not easy you know 🙂