Medical Survey

Dr. Abdullah Al Sabah and he is currently doing a survey about the public’s view of Kuwait’s healthcare system for his Master’s Degree in healthcare policy and management.
We all know about the sorry state of Kuwait’s healthcare system. The best way to fix it is to know exactly what’s lacking and which particular trait is the root of all problems.

You would never know, maybe in the future Dr. Abdullah takes on an important role in determining the state of Kuwait’s healthcare system and he would act upon YOUR inputs.

Please take part in the survey by clicking :[Here]


3 thoughts on “Medical Survey

  1. Hi,,,
    I just finished answering the survey. It is really an interesting topic. We need more studies to improve our health care system especially in public sector.


  2. Thank you Sakeena. I figured you would. It is an interesting topic that needs most attention. These surveys play great role in finding problems and causes of problems by measuring the trends of the sample.

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