Few weeks ago, I was invited by Dr. Sultan Aldaihani to give a presentation about “Giving Presentation”.  Yesterday, I gave this presentation to undergraduate students.  They were about 40 students, all female.  Dr. Sultan also invited Dr. Suha Alawadhi, one of the faculty members in the department who has the potential to lead this program, to attend this presentation.  I was surprised that Farah also attended this presentation.  I tried to cover all the important aspects related to giving an effective presentation starting from First Things First until After Action Review.  The time went very fast, and I can tell from the audience’s participation that they were enjoying this topic.  Dr. Sultan, Dr. Suha, and some other faculty members in the department are very active even during the summer.  They have the passion to what they do, and they are working really hard in improving the learning and teaching quality, by bringing speakers to talk about their experiences.  What’s interesting about this, that I’m one of their students, and Dr. Sultan has the talent in keeping that relationship with his students.  Some other faculty members and teachers assistance do the same.  The relationship should continue because we, as students, are strategic partners in developing our nation.  I’m very proud of my self, and proud of our faculty members, who care about their students and their future.  Special thanks to administrative members who were a great support in our program such as Mrs. Khelood & Mrs. Farah. Those should be appreciated by all students and faculty members about their input, and deserve a special ceremony for them.

My suggestion for the department is to throw a party, a gathering, a meeting, whatever they want to name it at the beginning of next semester for the alumni to meet with new students, as well as existing students, faculty members including the administrative members.  One of the benefits of these gathering especially at the beginning of the semester is to give the opportunity to those who graduated to talk about their experiences during and after the program.  There are little things that can have great impact, and this is one of them.

Again, Thank you Dr. Sultan for the invitation.  Thank you Dr. Suha and Mrs. Farah for showing up in my presentation. You made my day J