Giving Presentation – Thank you Dr. Sultan Al-Daihani & Dr. Suha AlAwadhi

Few weeks ago, I was invited by Dr. Sultan Aldaihani to give a presentation about “Giving Presentation”.  Yesterday, I gave this presentation to undergraduate students.  They were about 40 students, all female.  Dr. Sultan also invited Dr. Suha Alawadhi, one of the faculty members in the department who has the potential to lead this program, to attend this presentation.  I was surprised that Farah also attended this presentation.  I tried to cover all the important aspects related to giving an effective presentation starting from First Things First until After Action Review.  The time went very fast, and I can tell from the audience’s participation that they were enjoying this topic.  Dr. Sultan, Dr. Suha, and some other faculty members in the department are very active even during the summer.  They have the passion to what they do, and they are working really hard in improving the learning and teaching quality, by bringing speakers to talk about their experiences.  What’s interesting about this, that I’m one of their students, and Dr. Sultan has the talent in keeping that relationship with his students.  Some other faculty members and teachers assistance do the same.  The relationship should continue because we, as students, are strategic partners in developing our nation.  I’m very proud of my self, and proud of our faculty members, who care about their students and their future.  Special thanks to administrative members who were a great support in our program such as Mrs. Khelood & Mrs. Farah. Those should be appreciated by all students and faculty members about their input, and deserve a special ceremony for them.

My suggestion for the department is to throw a party, a gathering, a meeting, whatever they want to name it at the beginning of next semester for the alumni to meet with new students, as well as existing students, faculty members including the administrative members.  One of the benefits of these gathering especially at the beginning of the semester is to give the opportunity to those who graduated to talk about their experiences during and after the program.  There are little things that can have great impact, and this is one of them.

Again, Thank you Dr. Sultan for the invitation.  Thank you Dr. Suha and Mrs. Farah for showing up in my presentation. You made my day J


14 thoughts on “Giving Presentation – Thank you Dr. Sultan Al-Daihani & Dr. Suha AlAwadhi

  1. Dear Talal

    I’m always happy to hear great things about you and your achievements, because you are really a great friend and you deserve it.

    I wish we all were invited, but unfortunately no one spoke out so we leave it for the choice of who made it 🙂

    Anyway it’s the advantages of those undergraduates to have you presenting such an interesting topic, which I know for 100% it was presented with full ambition as we always excepted from you..

    Good job and keep up the spirit.

  2. Dear Saleh,

    Thanks for your comment. The room was full of 40 female students. Unfortunately, this section was only for female, and that’s why we couldn’t invite anyone to attend. I will be willing to repeat this experience next semester with graduate students as well. Saleh, believe me, we are all unique. Each one of us has lots of potential, however he/she needs to know how to improve his/her skills, knowledge … etc. I have worked with you all, and I know for sure, you guys have lots of talents, and we all agree on that. Thanks again for your comment, and I wish all your dreams come true.


    1. Salam Dear Bo Naser

      First of all, welcome Back, I hope that you had a wonderful vacation. Second thing that we are really happy for you to present presentations for university students and I am sure that you are one of the best professionals in presenting a unique and attracting lectures since you have the talents and skills in doing those issues. We are really proud of you and inshallah we can see you one day as one of the department staff in LIS and you deserve it.
      قدها وقدود يا بوناصر والى الامام وبالتوفيق ان شاءالله

      1. Deaer Bo-U-Sef,

        Thank you so much for this comment. I have learned a lot from you all, and I wish that you have started the program with us. You are a role model for so many of us. Keep up that good spirit, and white heart. 🙂

  3. Thanks Talal for a great post. You bring me memories now of the days that we used to prepare and worry about presentations. I’m sure that Dr.Sultan made a great choice by selecting you to do this job. As I recall your presentation were the best.

    As you said in the post, Dr.Sultan is really active guy with much ambition and bright future ahead. We all wish him the best and wish that he could be the new blood for the department and the torrent of change. The department for sure needs more teachers like Dr.Sultan to achieve what we all dream of.

    That’s what expected all along from the department. We were discussing the same matter the other day that faculty should use the expertise of older generations and alumni students to meet and pass on the experience to new students. There is mush to tell and much to transfer, unless they don’t want us to.

  4. Mr. Bahrani,

    Do you still remember our preparation for Dr. Samir’s class “LIS506”? Dr. Samir “allah yathkera belkhair”. We miss him a lot.

    Dr. Sultan, and many other faculty members, know how to motivate, and encourage their students.

    Salut to all faculty members, and students who have influenced my life.

  5. wow, that was a really great experience for you Talal. I remember that Dr.Laila did this once in knowledge management class, she asked one of her previous students to deliver a presentation on her experience about the KM course. It was really fun and beneficial for us her from her experience. I believe that this idea(of bringing graduate students to talk about their experiences in classes) is a very excellent and will create a cozy atmosphere between the teacher and his/her students:)

    As for your presentations they are just superb and excellent, I really had the honor to work with you in one presentation 🙂 it was a really nice experience for me.

    your are simply an excellent presenter

    مو نفسي (اجيب العيد بسرعه)هههههه

    wish you all the best 🙂

    1. I really miss Dr. Laila so much. You remeber, I took Knowledge Sharing & Communities of Practice with her, and it was one of the best courses ever!

      One of the things we have learned from that course, if you want people to share their knowledge, you have to creat an environment or a platform for people or in our case students to interact and share what they know.

      It was my honor to take classes with you. You are one of the students which we will never forget. Wishing you all the best, and hope to hear good news about you 🙂

    2. Wadha, you were one of a kind. And i cant still remember your Musical presentation with Dr.Mumtaz 🙂 That was just one heck of an interesting presentation. Dont you wish these days to go back ?

      1. hhhhhhhh

        Do u still remember hhhh!!

        do still remember when I told you that I will bring ربابة with me and it would be better for me not to talk just play with it and present such a nice piece of music instead of delivering the presentation hhhhhh.

        I still remember in that day you dedicated a piece of music by Serkan cargi and it was the first time I hear about him and his music, and to be honest with you I became addicted to his music 🙂

        I listen to his music wherever, wehever 🙂

  6. Talal,

    It was my pleasure to have you in my class. Insallah, we have future opportunities for other students. I’m always would like to keep working with our students because I believe that everyone of us have a knowledge and skills in specific area. It’s important for me that from time to time to transfer this knowledge to others. Currently I have Salih working with me as a colleague in the SLA-AGC Board. Maail a new student also working with me for a conference workshop. I hope that always in the future that some of you working with us in different activities.


    1. Dear Dr. Sultan

      If I wanted to say something amazing about having my Master at Kuwait University, I would say the most privilege and honor thing that I had from the entire program is knowing and working with you.

      You really make things different while teaching, discussing, working and advising. I had the pleasure to work with you in many different occasions and events and each time I gain new experience and level of professionalism.

      I am still glad working with and I hope that we and other colleagues would add something to the profession and to our dear country Kuwait.


  7. Wadha, I remember, I remember all P.Mumtaz classes very will. That class was the first time i give a presentation in-front of P.Mumtaz and i was nervous 🙂 and Serkan cargi is my favorite musician and im happy you like it, it proves that i have a good taste 🙂

    Dr.Sultan, i wish we have the chance to participate more in the department activities in the future so we wont be forgotten.

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